Ultimate Gifts for Tea Lovers (that aren't tea!)

Ultimate Gifts for Tea Lovers! If you know a tea lover then, I'm sure you’ll be well aware, they probably have quite a collection of tea. Short of gifting them another packet to add to their cupboard, here's a list of alternative tea based gifts!

Stocking Fillers & Secret Santa


Because. Hello! Chocolate! Take a little risk and go for tea infused chocolate, which is being made available by more and more specialist chocolatiers. Check the Ombar Lemon and Green Tea Chocolate Bar and Prestat Earl Grey Truffles.
Average Price: Usually under £5, but up to £15 if your pushing the boat out with truffles. Ombar Raw Cacao Natural Chocolate with green tea Prestat earl grey tea chocolate truffles

Novelty Infuser

These can be fun, entertaining and come in pretty much any form, ranging from a submarine to a flower to a pug! You’re bound to find something your tea lover will enjoy.
Average Price: Under £10, but over £5. Novelty Tea Infuser Submarine Astronaut Robot Fruit

Lip Balm

Apologies if your tea lover isn’t inclined to using lip balm, but tea is increasingly being used in beauty products and lip balms are a cute little gift that are useful for both men and women. Check out this cute set from Pinwheel.
Average Price: Under £5 for a single stick and usually under £10 for a set. Pinwheel Lip Balm for Tea Lovers Gift Set

Novelty Teabags

Something a little different, but again another fun and entertaining gift that available in a number for formats, including origami and fish!
Average Price: Under £10. Novelty Teabags Bird gold fish

Little Gifts for someone you love

Tea Book

Perhaps your tea lover is also a book lover or simply just has a thirst for knowledge. There are all manner of tea books out there, from the traditional ancient classics, modern overviews and cook books! Check out this post for a round up of tea books.
Average Price: Under £20, some even under £15. The Tea Book, How to Make Tea, Art and Craft of Tea, Tea in China, Green Tea, Darjeeling, Matcha Miracle, Tea Sommelier


Tea often gives out great aromas, helping to relax and invigorate, meaning that many tea lovers feel a deep connection to smell. Why not try something different with a teacup candle or a teapot oil burner pretty paper packages.
Average Price: Under £10. Candle Teacup  teapot oil candle burner

Infused Beauty Products

Lip balms were already mentioned, but you can also get a whole range of beauty products infused with tea! Incredible! This include; soaps, bath salts, moisturisers, face masks, bath bombs and Perfume.
Average Price: From around £10+. Some products being as much as £50. Tea Infused Beauty Products - Ooliva matcha bathbomb, earl grey perfume oil, green tea soap, tea scrub, apple & Bears

Cold Brew Steeper

A useful gift for those hot summer days. You can also get thermos brewers which will keep tea cold (or hot) for longer.
Average Price: Between £15 and £30. Cold Brew Tea Steeper

Gifts for Someone You Really Love

Temperature Control Kettle

This isn’t just a kettle. This is the kettle. A kettle that operates at your required temperature. If you’re not a tea lover yourself, you may not know that different teas need to be steeped at difference temperatures to create the best flavours. These kettles help you get the right temperature with ease!
Average Price: As little as £30 or as much as £100+! Temperature Control Kettle

Blend/Make Your Own

Ok, so this is technically tea and a bit of a cheat item to add to the list, but it’s a truly creative gift. You can even get special caffine free, chai and bubble tea kits.
Average Price: £25+ Blend and Make your own tea

Nagoya Iron Teapot

Much converted, very beautiful and a tad pricey. Is it worth it? Yes, you’ll be loved forever.
Average Price: Traditionally £55+, but if you look carefully you can find some around the £30 mark. Nagoya Iron Teapot

Tea Tasting / Blending Work Shop

A fun and educational experience that any tea lover is bound to enjoy, specially those who are hand on and creative.
Average Price: Between £30 and £60. Tea Tasting Tea Blending Work Shop



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