Tea Review: Dorset Brew

About This Tea

Supplier: The Gilded Teapot
Ingredients: Assam, Ceylon and Sumatran Black Tea.
Brew Technique: 100°c, 3-4 Minutes


A traditional British black tea that holds a light tobacco aroma with a tease of a something slightly menthol.


Taken black and steeped at the recommended 3-4 minutes, Dorset Brew produces a strong, dark cup, with a bitter tobacco profile, a standard breakfast tea flavour. Perfect for those who love a strong black tea in the morning or throughout the day. I found this to be a bit too harsh for my own taste, the musty tobacco being devoured into the bitter citric notes the further through the cup you venture. To match my preference, I steeped this for 2 minutes to create a black tea that is lightly woody, almost floral, with a gentler tobacco profile.


As with many black teas, Dorset Brew is completely compatible with milk and sugar, creating a traditional all day British brew, strong and distinguished, yet smooth. Delightfully, the leaves of Dorset Brew can withstand multiple steeping’s, I used mine about 3 times. As mentioned, the first brew can be a little bitter, so if this isn’t your kind of cup, try steeping for less than the recommended 4 minutes. Each steep lets the flavour retreat into a lighter bodied tea, producing a delicious malty biscuit flavour. In keeping with the values of a good British cuppa, add a dash of sugar just to sweeten up the cup.

Final Thoughts

My favourite part of Dorset Brew was definitely the leaves, which are really pretty with light flacks of tea. As a former Dorsetonian (a term coined by The Gilded Teapot), having lived in Dorset for about 8 years prior to re-locating to London, I felt a kinship with Dorset Brew. I really wanted to enjoy this blend, but I just didn’t get on with the heavy, strong flavours when brewed for 3-4 minutes. This doesn’t mean to say that this isn’t a good blend. It’s inclusion of some classic breakfast teas could actually make this the ultimate breakfast blend, particularly for those who prefer a strong start to the day. I just much prefer a tea with that has is more gentle bodied , so really preferred Dorset Brew when I didn’t steep it for as long.



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