Tea Review: No.214 Violette

About This Tea

Supplier: Dammann Freres
Ingredients: Black Tea, Violet Flowers, Flavouring
Brewing Technique: 90°C, 4-5 Minutes No. 214 Violette Black Tea Dammann Freres


A strong violet aroma that seems charming and sweet.
No. 214 Violette Black Tea Dammann Freres


Violette is a fairly simple blend that starts as a smooth black tea, holding light toasted notes. This then develops into a violet finish, where the flavour of chalky palma violets is prominent, making for an interesting floral blend. Somehow, the powdery mouthfeel and taste enables the easy vision of wealthy Edwardian women, in elegant dresses, visiting the established tea parlours of Paris to gracefully sip at an exotic blend.
No. 214 Violette Black Tea Dammann Freres

Final Thoughts

No.214 Violette is as delicate as the flowers it's blended with, being super smooth with a light floral finish. The use of violet is an usual choice, something which ultimately drew me to make the purchase, whilst visiting one of the stores during a trip to Paris in August 2016. Admittedly the tea isn’t as good as my favourite childhood sweet, but the perfumed tea is a nice light change to the heavy black and common floral teas that are widely available.



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