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Hi Tea belly!

I'm Chelsea, the founder, writer, photography, promoter and all round tea lover of Taste the Tea! Away from the blog I am a mid 20's, chocolate, smoothie, book loving wife, to none other that an avid coffee lover! His love for tea, is unfortunately next to none existent, but on ocaasion he has been known to sip at a Lapsang Souchong! Progress!

Chelsea | Taste the Tea Blog

Although Taste the Tea officially went live at the end of January 2016, it was actually an idea that was born in November 2015. I was keeping a personal note book to hand for all the tea I was tasting, but the note book grew from a hard copy, to digital form, to something I could share with fellow tea lovers!

Some followers who have been with me from the beginning will know that the blog has grown dramatically, starting with a few simple reviews and now expanding into the sharing of tea knowledge. Some might also remember that the blog was actually born in London, but has travelled with me through Europe and across the pond to Canada, where I am no settled with hubby.

If you have any further questions, feedback or requests you can contact me at tastethetea.blog@gmail.com

Happy sipping fellow tea lover!

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