Tea Review: Ace Tea Collection

About Ace Tea

“Ace tea believe that tea has become too mundane and tasteless. Our teas are blended to give an explosion of flavour on the palate. Whether you enjoy our teas hot, iced or in a cocktail, Ace Tea is here to breathe new life into the teapot”. Ace Tea Collection

The Collection

The Ace Tea collection currently consists of 6 different blends. Each pack contains 15 teabags and is covered in kooky, vibrant patterns, making them immediately stand out, inviting curiosity. If the packaging wasn’t “loud” enough, some of the flavours also pack a punch, with strong flavours.

Hot Ginger Green Tea
An “antioxidant euphoria” that packs a punch with its strong ginger flavours that cut through the green tea to create a peppery note, lasting long into the finish. Throughout the flavour are also hints of lemon, creating a wellness feel about the blend, making it seem perfect for winter.
Hot Ginger Green Tea Ace Tea Hot Ginger Green Tea Ace Tea

The Earl Grey
Describing this as a citrus bouquet seems more than adequate. The aroma is defiant, releasing a stronger than norm characteristic fragrance of bergamot. The flavour is also a little stronger than average blends and big brand counterparts. Certainly one for EG lovers to check out.

Lady Rose
Containing a ton of rose, both petals and oil, Lady Rose has a soft Turkish delight taste. The tea itself is smooth, combining effortlessly with the fragrant florals, that are strong, yet somehow gentle. Each sip encapsulates the floral hints in a late spring breeze.

Summer Festival Fruity Green
A mix of green tea, strawberry pieces, petals and flavouring creates an incredibly fruity aroma, earning its name. However, the flavour is much subtler, with a berry back drop that is reminiscent of Autumn black forest fruits, rather than summer. The tea is also seemed to come out bitter, not matter little I steeped it. Not a good one for me.

Quintessentially English Breakfast
An everyday black tea that is both robust and rich. Taken black there is a natural peppered flavour, but with milk it becomes the classic English start to the day.

Royal Mint Green Tea
Cooling mint provides a refreshing aspect to this blend, leaving a slight tingle on the tongue. It's strong but overpowering in the way some mint teas are. The green tea hold a spot of rejuvenation, providing a caffeine boost. It's nice, subtle and relaxing.
Royal Mint Green Tea Ace Tea

Final Thoughts

Pros: I love the packaging and how its fits with the theme of the being “Untraditionally English”, in order to give the tea a bit of revival with some “unreserved flavour”. The symbolic pun, that is a stark contrast to traditional reserved British etiquette, genuinely made me smile.

Cons: I wasn’t impressed by the generic brewing instructions that suggested steeping every tea for 3 minutes with freshly boiled water. For the black teas this is generally fine, but experience tells me that green tea should be brewed cooler. I followed these directions for each green tea, but felt that it drastically removed delight from the blend, making it astringent and bitter. I would have liked to see Ace Tea, and all other tea brands for that matter, making a real effort to emphasise quality of tea and insight curiosity by providing brewing guides that will make the experience better.

Despite these qualms, the crunch is that the teas do actually taste great and what’s more important than flavour when drinking tea, right?!



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