April Tea Reads & News

Girl Don’t Know…

Someone claiming that her life is better because she doesn’t drink tea and listing all the reasons why. Bitch please…


Whilst I usually avoid coffee talk because:
1 – I don’t like coffee
2 - It’s being traitorous to the beloved tea gods
This is worth a little look. Rainbow coffee, it’s actually kind of beautiful!

Premium Chai Tea.

iChai is a brand that had gone undiscovered by me until I saw this article. However, they have a lovely little range of loose leaf chai teas, so this is something to check out.

21 Struggles

Every struggle we as tea lovers have ever faced, compiled into a list with hilarious GIFS. I disagree with number 3, but number 10 actually made me laugh out loud form the truth of it.

One for the Tea lovers Bucket List

This article focuses on a dangerous trek up Mount. Hua Shan in China where many venture to visit an old Taoist temple turned teahouse. This is a definite “to do” for any tea lover! Whilst it is an old article, I only discovered it in April, but the post is fascinating and obviously worth a share.

Pea Milk

For those of you who are lactose intolerant or vegan, a new kind of milk has been created from peas! Who’d have thought! The creators, Ripple, state that the milk is creamy and sweet, but healthier. Compared with cow’s milk, this contains 50% less sugar, 33% less saturated fat, 50% more calcium and more vitamin D too. Super healthy! Might have to swap this out and give it a try.

Peppermint Improves Memory

If you missed this in April, I’m not sure where you were and what you were doing because this news was everywhere!


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