Birthday Haul & Roundup

It was my birthday recently and I’ve now reached 25 years old. As my much loved uncle most kindly pointed out, I am now officially closer to 30 than 20. Ekkkk! I’ve not yet panicked about this and generally I feel good about my age, mainly because I feel so loved by my friends and family. I had a fantastic weekend of cake and tea filled celebrations, so I thought I would share my happiness!

My celebrations started on Thursday evening with a meal at Dishoom, a great contemporary Indian restaurant, in Kings Cross London. Upon waiting in line we were offered a complementary chai tea, which obviously I gladly took, like duh who wouldn’t! We were then escorted inside to the most beautifully decorated interior, fashioned in a 1920’s style, with a strong train lounge theme, which is only fitting being as the restaurant is in an old train shed.

Inside Dishoom Restaurant London Kings Cross

I was absolutely in love. Our meal was completely delicious, if you ever go I really recommend the Okra fries and the Memsahib's mess dessert. Anyway back to tea…kinda… I washed down my food with a couple of cocktails:

Chaijito - rum mixed with fresh mint, coriander, ginger, lime and Dishoom chai syrup (that’s nearly tea).
Bombay Colada - A mix of pineapple, coconut cream, coriander, chai syrup, lime and rum.

Whist both contain similar spices they tasted completely different! The Chaijito was minty fresh with a weird herby aftertaste that obscured the chai syrup and tasted rather similar to Sambuca! I prefer sweeter cocktails, so it’s no surprise that I preferred the beautifully creamy Bombay Colada, that had an amazing spiced chai flavour with a fruity sour element, gained from what I think were pink peppercorns.

Chaijito Chai Tea Cocktail Dishoom Restaurant Kings Cross London

I spent the majority of the weekend camping at a small festival in Dorset, with my partner and a group of my lovely friends. Obviously there were drunken antics but I’m here to talk about my tea based endeavours. After settling into the camp site, one of my best friends bestowed upon us some earl grey flavoured cupcakes, with earl grey butter icing, that she had kindly gone to the liberty of making. She is an absolute darling and her efforts were appreciated by the whole group scoffing down her tasty cakes. Unfortunately, we were very hasty in pigging out and didn’t take any pictures of them so here’s picture of Alpacas that were kept on the field next to our camp.

Alpacas Field Dorset

The same friend also got me a wonderful book full of delightful tea recipes, vegetarian, desserts and drinks. I can’t wait to try out the recipes and share how well I get on! Hopefully you get some inspo from them too <3.

Tea Book - Steeped Recipes Infused with Tea

On Saturday afternoon my friends and partner sang happy birthday to me and presented me with a bright colourful birthday cake which we enjoyed with live music, sipping on beers, coffee and for me, a lovely cup of Dorset Tea!

Dorset Tea and Birthday Cake - Festival

I also got many more tea based presents which included:
A really really cute yellow teapot and cosy
Yellow Teapot Bumble Bee Tea Cosy

Some Whittards earl grey biscuits (I am an earl grey lover if you hadn’t yet caught on!)
Whittard of Chelsea Earl Grey Butter Shortbread Biscuits

A lovely teacup candles, that smells sooo strong it fills the room!
Fine China Teacup Tea Candle

Some lovely body shop green tea body butter from my partner. Look out for a review on this in the BeauTEA section of the blog in the near future.
Fuji Green Tea Body Butter Body Shop

And a lovely couple of friends (literally a Mr and Mrs couple) booking me in for a tea tasting and blending session with Alex Probyn. Obviously I got pretty excited and again I can’t wait to share my experience with this on the blog.

Alex Probyn Tea Tasting

I finally finished my birthday celebrations on Monday 4th by bringing in a selection of cakes for my colleagues. I enjoyed a slice of Victoria sponge with a sticky chai from blue hour tea. YUM.

Victoria Sponge Cake and Tea Magisso Tilting Infuser Cup


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