Tea Review: Creme D Orange

About This Tea

Ingredients: Chinese Sencha, Lung Ching, Yunnan, Pai Mu Tan, Rose Buds, Orange Pieces, Carrot Shreds and Natural Orange and Vanilla Flavouring.
Brewing Technique: 2-3 Minutes at 80°C
Supplier: Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company Creme D Orange green tea Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company


A perfectly blended perfume of orange and cream.


Temperature and time is everything with this blend. The water needs to be cooled from boiling, down to the recommended temperature of 80°C, in order to avoid any bitter notes. It’s the usual story, one morning I was running short of time, so in haste, as usual, made my morning cuppa with boiling water. Unfortunately for me, that particular day I had chosen Creme D Orange, which unlike my usual black tea, contains a mix of delicate green and white tea leaves. A bitter mess, for sure. It’s so easy to get this tea wrong! In order to make it to perfection, I opted for a little less than the recommended time in order to further avoid any hints of bitterness. Brewing for 1-1.5 minutes also allowed me to steep the leaves twice. Bonus usage! I can tell you that putting in that extra bit of time to brew Creme D Orange in the correct manner creates a significantly more delightful tea. Having tasted my fair share of orange based teas, I felt that the vanilla flavouring made this tea into something special and unique. Although orange is the predominant flavour, there aren’t any of those sharp citrus or sour notes that can accompany it. Instead the notes are distinctly gentler, with a hint of cream. Despite having lots of great ingredients, I am a little disappointed that the flavour profiles in this cup are provided predominantly from flavouring. Its saving grace being that they are natural, rather than synthetic. Nonetheless, I did still love the flavour, reminding me somewhat of a mix between sherbet lemons and childhood medicine, both of which I loved. Gone are the days when I wished I was sick enough to be given a spoon of that vibrant, sacred, sticky sweet liquid. Instead I relived those moment in my mind, being whisked back to childhood with the taste of this blend.

Creme D Orange green tea Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company


Sweet such as honey doesn’t add nor take away much to the flavour of Crème D Orange. You have to add a large amount to make any difference, being a pretty sweet tea anyway, so I would infer that a sweet isn’t really needed, you're just making diabetes in a cup.
Iced: The flavour loses a lot of the orange notes, becoming deflated, but retains the creaminess, particularly in the finish. It’s ok, but not the best iced tea ever. I didn’t play around much with this, but if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, I think this would make a good base to a punch, possibly a lemon and peach, with cheeky a drop of vanilla vodka.

Creme D Orange green tea Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company

Final Thoughts

I loved this blend, its super sweet, creamy and gentle. I’m just a little sad that it didn’t cold brew well as it would have been perfection for summer. No matter. Still great hot and I don’t mind telling you it pairs faultlessly with milk chocolate. Tried and tested. ;)

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