Changes & Truth

Get up, leave for work, get through the day, get home. Hold it together... or I don't. Perhaps you can relate.

Falling apart comes in many forms. For me this could be a panic attack, breaking down crying, incessant worrying or the inability to stop negative thoughts. Sometimes it's cleaning, sometimes it's curling up in a ball, blocking out the world and refusing to be coaxed out of the little bubble I've built myself.

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Breaking down doesn't mean that I'm weak. In fact, I've begun realise that my ability to put myself back together and get through each day is a testament to my strength. Deep down I KNOW this, but sometimes it's not easy to remember.

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I love tea, but there are other things I am passionate about and want to build awareness for. As I move my blog into a new era of tea, wellness and green-living, I also wanted to start opening up about the private me. The me, that for the last 2 years I have hidden from the face of my blog. Anxiety has been a part of who I am for nearly a decade and most of this time I've been scared to show it. However, as we move further and further into a world where we can openly talk about our issues, I felt like I was finally comfortable talking about my own. In the future, I'll be adding my voice and sharing my own experiences with mental health. I hope that by doing so I can help build awareness and acceptance for mental health and that on some level a few people can relate and find strength.


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