Tea Review: Fleur de Geisha - The Cherry Blossom Tea

About This Tea

Supplier: Palais Des Thes
Ingredients: Green Tea, Flavouring
Brewing Technique: 75°C, 3 Minutes


A strong scent that is both floral and fruity, but reassuringly carries the refreshing notes of green tea.

Fleur de Geisha Cherry green tea Palais de Thes with Memoirs of a geisha Tea and book pairing


A delicate green tea flavour caresses the tongue, encircled by slight floral and cherry notes. It’s simple, which is why this tea invites the same tranquillity of a Zen garden. It’s easy to image the feel of the sun’s heat on your face and it’s stark contrast to the occasional touches of a chill breeze; to see a landscape of cherry blossoms petals, that fall with the gentlest of movements, slowly descending through the air, until they land in a babbling stream of water and are graciously carried into the serenity of a koi filled pond.

Fleur de Geisha Cherry green tea Palais de Thes

Final Thoughts

Fleur de Geisha is a lightly fragrant green tea that whisks you away to another land. Its gentle and relaxing and exactly what you need in the middle of a busy day.



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