Santa's Christmas Tea List

Looking for the perfect Christmas tea this festive season? Take a look at Santa's exclusive list of Christmas teas! Remember if you want to search for a specific ingredient or flavour just press Ctl+F to create a search bar, making it super easy to find what you're looking for!

You can also skip this list and look at the 12 Teas of Christmas, featuring the very best from this list.

Now, let's see which one's are naughTEA and nice :P

Santa's Christmas Tea List

African Winter

African Winter Rooibos Blend - Shubiu Leaf Tea UK

Supplier: Shibui Leaf Tea UK
Ingredients: Rooibos, Cocoa, Ginger, Cinnamon, Roasted Chicory Root, Barley Malt, Cardamon, Cinnamon Sticks Flavour and Black Pepper.
Flavour: Spiced
Price: £5.95 for 100g
Tasting Note: An incredible spiced smell with deep chocolate notes. The Rooibos element takes a back seat in the flavour, letting the spices take control to envelop you in their warming magic. A credible chai alternative for those wanting to stay caffeine free. Easily enjoyed with or without milk and sugar.


Amarettea Tugboat

Supplier: Tugboat
Ingredients: Black Tea, Almond, Vanilla and Flavouring.
Flavour: Nutty, Creamy.
Price: £5.06 for 100g
Tasting Note: I have the good fortune to love all things almond flavoured, hence being enticed by the strong creamy notes of this tea! If you don't like almonds, step away now! This is a mellow tea with gentle, but clear, almond notes. It's creamy, but not overly nutty or sweet. YUM!

Assam Chai

Assam Chai Black Tea - ForLeaves Tea Co.

Supplier: For Leaves Tea Co.
Ingredients: Black Tea, Fennel, Anise, Liquorice Root, Cinnamon, Ginger Pieces, Cloves and Cardamom.
Flavour: Spiced
Price: £6.95 for 100g
Tasting Note: Strong tea and a strong chai! The key notes aren’t those of a classic chai. Instead, this blend has strong notes of liquorice and fennel, creating a unique approach to this much loved winter warmer.

Berry Blue

Berry Blue Fruit Tea ForLeaves Tea Co

Supplier: For Leaves Tea Co.
Ingredients: Hibiscus Flowers, Rosehips, Dried Apple Pieces, Dried Blueberries and Natural Flavours.
Flavour: Fruity, Musty
Price: £6.95 for 100g
Tasting Note: Berry Blue starts with the plain taste of apple, transgressing into dominant musty hibiscus notes. It’s a little boring and basic, but this b*tch gets real in the finish, with a surprising tartness and blueberry note. Blueberry is a hard to replicate or make work in tea, trust me, I’ve had some horrific blueberry tea. A well-rounded fruit tea, with great flavour.

Blend No. 45

Blend 45 - Edgcumbes Tea Company

Supplier: Edgcumbes Coffee & Tea
Ingredients: Assam, Darjeeling Second Flush, Chinese Keemun and Lapsang Souchong Black Tea.
Flavour: Malty, Smokey
Price: £5.90 for 100g
Tasting Note: A wonderful rich black tea blend that offers malty flavours and a smokey essence. It's a totally warming and filling brew. Perfect on cold days, when all you want is a cosy fire.

Chocolate Orange

Chocolate Orange Black Tea and Rooibos Christmas Tea - Birdhouse Tea Company

Supplier: Birdhouse Tea Company
Ingredients: Black Tea, Rooibos, Orange Pieces, Cocoa Shells, Sunflower Petals and Flavouring.
Flavour: Citrus, Earthy
Price: £3.95 for 75g
Tasting Note: A strong rooibos base, offering sweet and earthy flavours that enhances the initial deep dark chocolate hint. However, it finishes in a quick citric note. Excellently captures the intended flavours.

Chocolate Orange

Chocolate Orange Black Tea, Christmas Tea - Shibui Leaf Tea UK

Supplier: Shibui Leaf Tea UK
Ingredients: Ceylon, Indian and Chinese Black Tea, Orange Peel, Cacao Peelings, Flavour, Chocolate Chips and Orange Pieces.
Flavour: Creamy, Citrus
Price: £4.95 for 100g
Tasting Note: Whilst the smell on this one isn’t overly appealing, the taste is well crafted. It replicates the flavour of milk chocolate orange perfectly, with combined citric and creamy notes. It's a pretty enjoyable cup.

Christmas Black Tea

Christmas Black Tea Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co.

Supplier: Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co.
Ingredients: Black Tea, Almond, Cinnamon, Cloves, Orange and Flavouring.
Flavour: Spiced, Citrus
Price: £3.30 for 50g
Tasting Notes: A slight almond aroma, mingled with strong spicy notes, invites a very Christmas-y feel. The flavour is a mild black tea, robust notes of spices and a gentle under-note of orange. Unfortunately, the almond doesn’t transfer from smell to taste, making it very similar to many other spiced Christmas teas. Overall, still an nice warming cup.

Christmas Cake

Christmas Cake Black Tea Bluebird Tea Company

Supplier: Bluebird Tea Co.
Ingredients: Ceylon Black Tea, Vanilla Pieces, Almond Pieces, Cinnamon, Cloves, Orange Peel, Spruce Needles, Snowflake Candies and Flavour.
Flavour: Pine, Citrus
Price: £5.50 for 50g
Tasting Note: A creamy smell, enhanced by the vanilla, is lightly transferred into the taste, giving the blend a faint sweetness. There’s also faint hints of pepper, citric spices and pine, but the predominant note is a bitter tang of tea. All the points of originality for the spruce needles. Less points for the actual flavour.

Christmas Chai

Christmas Chai Black Tea Wee Tea Company

Supplier: The Wee Tea Co.
Ingredients: Black Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves, Black Pepper, Orange Peel and Flavouring.
Flavour: Spiced, Peppery,
Price: £8.95 for gift caddy of pyramid teabags
Tasting Notes: A distinctively peppery chai, leaving a warming spicy feeling on the tongue. The actual tea is smooth with no bitter notes, making it easy to enjoy black and without sugar. Ginger and pepper are key to this blend. Classic chai ingredients, like cloves, take more of a back seat, making this a chai that offers something a little different. It's probably the spiciest on this list!

Christmas Cookie

Christmas Cookie Black Tea and Green Tea - OTeas

Supplier: O Teas
Ingredients: Green Tea, Black Tea, Cinnamon Pieces, Almond Julienne Flavouring, Pink Peppercorn, Cloves and Macisflowers.
Flavour: Creamy, Nutty
Price: £3.49 | box of 12
Tasting Note: The aroma is sweet and full of almonds, creating a creamy biscuity essence. Despite the leaves looking mostly black, the liquid is deep a yellow green and creates a nice toasted green tea note. The almond and spices, become an undertone to this, making the tea a mostly green tea flavour with a creamy undernote. Be careful not to overstep and make bitter!

Christmas Delight Tea

Christmas Delight Tea Rooibos - OTeas

Supplier: O Teas
Ingredients: Rooibos, Apple Pieces, Heather Flowers, Flavour, Candy Sugar, Cinnamon Pieces, Orange Peel, Cloves, Cornflowers and Cardamom.
Flavour: Caramel, Honey
Price: £3.49 | 12 teabags
Tasting Note: A strong honey cinnamon aroma emits from the steeped cup, alluring a warming hygge sort of feeling. However, as you move closer to sip, a clove note is also easily distinguished. The flavour is much simpler. It contains a hint of cloves which creates an almost menthol contrast to the predominant rich, sweet rooibos. Unfortunately, the remaining ingredients are indeterminable.

Christmas Green Tea

Christmas Green Tea - Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company

Supplier: Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co
Ingredients: Green Tea, Spicy Sugar Crystals, Pink Pepper, Clove Buds, Almond Aroma, Marzipan and Rum Flavouring and Chocolate Chips.
Price: £3.38 for 50g
Flavour: Nutty, Creamy, Toasted
Tasting Note: Large green tea leaves let off a strong almond aroma that transfers to the taste. It adds a sweetness and additional nutty element to the green teas natural nuttiness! The effect is a lovely toasted tea, with creamy marzipan like flavours.

Christmas in Vienna

Christmas in Vienna - Tea Route

Supplier: Tea Route UK
Ingredients: Hibiscus Flowers, Rosehip, Apple, Grapes, Natural Flavouring, Elderberries, Almond, Cinnamon, Pineapple, Cloves, Citrus Peel, Papaya, Mango, Blackcurrant and Blueberry.
Flavour: Fruity, Sour, Spiced
Price: £7.00 for 100g
Tasting Note: The smell is lightly musty and spiced, a little like a mulled wine. The flavour, whilst retaining the light spiced element, is more fruity tea, with warm blackcurrant type flavours and a tart sour tang. It’s enjoyable, unfortunately nothing special.

Christmas Tea

Christmas Tea - Debonair Tea Company

Supplier: Debonair Tea Company
Ingredients: Sri Lankan Black Tea, Cinnamon, Cloves, Apple, Rosehip, Hibiscus, Almond, Currents, Cranberries, Pomegranate Flowers, Orange Pieces, Mandarin Pieces, Blackberry Leaves, Lime Leaves, Blue Cornflowers and Flavour.
Flavour: Spiced, Floral, Citrus, Fruity
Price: £6.00 for 100g
Tasting Note: This blend is gorgeous, doting candy like colours and an almond smell from the dry leaf, making the tea have a very festive Nutcracker feel to it. Steep at 100°C for a strong bitter tea, full of spices and a citrus hint, perfect for taking with milk. Steep at a lower temperature to produce a light fragrant tea with pirouettes of floral, citrus and powdered fruity notes.

Christmas Tea

Christmas Tea - The Tea Makers of London

Supplier: The Tea Makers of London
Ingredients: Black Tea, Apple, Cinnamon, Coriander, Cardamon, Orange Slices, Pink Peppercorn, Cloves and Flavouring.
Flavour: Spiced, Citrus.
Price: £8.55 for 125g
Tasting Note: Now this tea I can work with! Some Christmas teas run wild with cinnamon, but The Tea Makers have the spices balanced! The ingredients are similar to a chai, but the flavour has a strong citrus characteristic. The orange provides a full bodied lift, to what would otherwise be a plain tea. The spices mingle gently around this citrus note, creating an all round tasty cuppa.

Christmas Tea

Christmas Tea Black Tea Wiltshire Tea Company

Supplier: The Wiltshire Tea Co
Ingredients: Chinese Black Tea, Ceylon Black Tea, Cloves, Almond Pieces, Orange Peel, Cornflowers, Hibiscus Blossom, Sunflower Blossom, Natural Oil and Flavouring.
Flavour: Spiced, Citrus
Price: £3.70 for 125g
Tasting Note: A Christmas tea that smells gloriously like Christmas! Holding wonderful festive notes of orange and cloves, in both the aroma and flavour. The spicy citrus flavour is combined with a smooth black tea, that doesn’t carry any bitterness, creating a wonderful warming effect.

Christmas Tea Tisane

Christmas Tea Tisane Fruit Tea - Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company

Supplier: Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co.
Ingredients: Hibiscus, Rosehip Shells, Apple Pieces, Orange Peel and Clove Oil.
Flavour: Spiced, Fruity, Sour
Price: £3.06 for 50g
Tasting Note: Steep for 5 minutes to create a standard Christmas fruit tea with fruity, musty and spiced notes. However, the recommended 10 minutes provides an awakening with deep cherry red liquids and incredibly sour taste! It’s so strong it will have your mouth watering uncontrollably after every sip! Certainly a fruit tea with a bit of a kick and a great wake up from the standard spiced fruit tea.

Cranberry Leaf

Cranberry Leaf Tea - Caffeine Free Complex - Tea in the City

Supplier: Tea in the City
Ingredients: Cranberry Leaves
Flavour: Fruity, Floral, Pepper
Price: £12.00 for 65g with storage tin.
Tasting Note: First, let me say, this is no ordinary herbal tea. This is delicately grown and tended cranberry. Handpicked and processed in the same manner as black tea, to provide a depth of flavour not seen in herbal teas. Isn’t that fascinating!? The aroma simulates light fruity and earthy scents, but the flavour emulates stronger fruity notes, a little pepperiness and slight florals.

Cranberry Sauce

CRanberry Sauce Parched Tea

Supplier: Parched Tea
Ingredients: Rooibos, Rosehip, Raspberry Pieces, Cranberry Pieces, Lime Leaves and Natural Flavours.
Flavour: Caramel, Fruity
Price: N/A
Tasting Note: This festive blend has a definite sharp, fruity aroma. Whilst its flavour mixes tangy raspberry, mild fruits and honeyed rooibos. Admittedly, this isn't something I would normally enjoy, but the flavours combine to produce an adventurous and unusual tea that tastes great.

Earl Grey Lavender

Earl Grey Lavender Black Tea - For Leaves Tea Company

Supplier: ForLeaves Tea Co.
Ingredients: Ceylon Black Tea, Orange Peel, Natural Bergamot, Cornflower Petals, Lavender Flowers, Vanilla and Natural Flavours.
Flavour: Floral, Creamy, Citrus
Price: £7.95 for 100g
Tasting Notes: Strong aromas of lavender insight a calming demeanour. The flavour is floral yet creamy, with hints of vanilla and a slight tang of bergamot. Possibly the most relaxing tea on the list and something that could easily be enjoyed instead of a wine!


Eggnog Rooibos Tea - Tea Shed

Supplier: The Kettle Shed
Ingredients: Rooibos, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Vanilla Pieces and Natural Flavouring.
Flavour: Caramel, Spiced, Creamy
Price: £4.49 for 15 teabags
Tasting Note: A caramel aroma, that contains a spicy rum like essence, is reflected deeply in the flavour. There's also added vanilla notes, creating a sweet and creamy brew that is both smooth and robust. Add a dash of milk to tone down the strong honey notes of rooibos and create an additional creamed essence.

Festive Fruit

Festive Fruit Tea - LEAF

Supplier: LEAF
Ingredients: Berries, Apple, Watermelon, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Orange and Cinnamon.
Flavour: Fruity, Musty
Price: £9.75 for 150g
About This Tea: The aroma is slightly almondy, but the flavour is a super fruity concoction that has a sharp and sour kick in the aftertaste. This is combined with a light musty undernote. There wasn’t really a spiced note to this, however it is very flavourful!

Festive Fruits

Festive Fruits Tea - Shibui Leaf Tea UK

Supplier: Shibui Leaf Tea UK
Ingredients: Cranberry Slices, Apple Cubes, Mistletoe, Cinnamon Rods, Star Aniseed, Cinnamon Rods, Flavouring, Freeze Dried Cranberry Slices, Safflower and Blackberry Leaves.
Flavour: Fruity, Spiced, Grassy
Price: £4.95 for 100g
Tasting Note: The dry aroma is fruity, yet sharp, with a mingled whiff of aniseed. Once steeped, this aroma turns to sweet cinnamon notes. The ingredients crate an unusual deep yellow liquid, whilst the flavour is an elixir of prominent cinnamon and aniseed. There's also a subtle hay note! This isn’t the prettiest blend and the combination of ingredients is more than weird, but the notes are warming and tasty, capturing the essence of Christmas well enough. A bit of an oddball, nothing extravagant, but nothing to be overlooked either.

Fruity Mulled Wine Green Tea

Fruity Mulled Wine Green Tea - Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company

Supplier: Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co.
Ingredients: Chinese Green Tea, Whole Cardamom, Cardamom Seeds, Cinnamon Pieces, Almond Pieces, Hibiscus Blossom, Cloves, Natural Flavouring and Cornflowers.
Flavour: Spiced, Nutty
Price: £3.72 for 50g
Tasting Note: The spices of this blend cover the majority of the green tea flavour, making it a light blend with predominant heavy spiced note. The finish holds just a hint of almond, rounding the blend off in a almost creamy manner.

Gin & Tonic

Gin and Tonic White Tea - NB Tea Nothing But Tea

Supplier: Nothing But Tea
Ingredients: White Tea, Apple Pieces, White Lemon Peel, Rose Petals and Flavour.
Flavour: Fruity
Price: £6.40 for 100g
Tasting Note: This is definitely a blend to watch out for, mimicking G&T shockingly well! What's surprising though, are the super strong notes of grapefruit in the aroma. They become more gentle in the taste, providing the tongue with that teasing bitter note of gin. Obviously, this also creates a fruity element, combining well with the lemon and white tea. An expertly crafted alcohol free tea blend!


Gingerbread Rooibos Tea - The Kettle Shed

Supplier: The Kettle Shed
Ingredients: Rooibos, Ginger, Cinnamon, Vanilla Pieces, Calendula Petals and Natural Flavouring.
Flavour: Caramel, Spiced, Pepper
Price: £4.49 for 15 Teabags
Tasting Notes: A strong cinnamon aroma is lightly transferred into the honeyed caramel rooibos, with minor hints of vanilla. The finish is long, with a healthy tangy zing of ginger lingering on the tongue, making it seem like a bite of Gingerbread has genuinely been taken! A captivating spicy blend, that truly reflects the flavours of its name!


Gingerbread Black Tea - Jolly Brew

Supplier: Jollybrew
Ingredients: Black Tea, Ginger, Cardamom, Cocoa Beans, Safflower Petals, Chamomile White Flowers, Star Anise and Natural Flavouring.
Flavour: Floral, Caramel
Price: £4.50 for 60g
Tasting Note: A delicate aroma, similar to most white teas, rises from the steeped blend, providing a light floral element. The actual flavour is also light, consisting of chamomile notes and bitter caramel tea flavour. It’s both delicate and robust. Unfortunately there’s no zing of ginger or spices, making it a tad disappointing in relation to its name. Adding milk covers the delicate floral elements and allows the anise to make an appearance, however the flavour is still a little plain. On a plus, the muted notes make Jolly brew’s Gingerbread perfect as an everyday black tea.

Gingerbread Chai

Gingerbread Chai Rooibos Tea - Bluebird Tea co.

Supplier: Bluebird Tea Co.
Ingredients: Rooibos, Cardamom, Ginger, Mallow Flowers and Flavour.
Flavour: Spiced, Caramel
Price: £5.20 for 50g
Tasting Note: Inspired by a Nordic city that builds lifesize gingerbread every year! This blend is full of the caramelised rooibos flavours and the warming tang of ginger. The other ingredients aren’t obvious, but when steeped for 4+ minutes, ginger becomes stronger and increases the spicy peppery element.

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House Rooibos Tea - Birdhouse Tea Company

Supplier: Birdhouse Tea Company
Ingredients: Rooibos, Ginger, Orange, Fennel, Liquorice, Aniseed, Honeybush and Safflower Petals.
Flavours: Spiced, Citrus
Price: £3.95 for 75g
Tasting Note: The initial aroma is a strong citrus and fennel combo. When steeped this develops into ginger and spices, making you want to munch right into the tea. The flavour is a little more complex than the smell though. There's an initial warming spicy note, that includes fennel and ginger, but turns quickly into the honeyed rooibos. The finish separates into a tasty fruity orange at the tip of the tongue and a syrupy ticklish sensation of liquorice at the back of the throat.

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House Fruit Tea - the Tea Makers Of London

Supplier: The Tea Makers of London
Ingredients: Apple, Candied Pineapple, Candied Papaya, Beetroot, Cinnamon Sticks, Raisons, Coconut Chips, Roasted Almonds, Popcorn and Flavouring.
Flavours: Creamy, Nutty, Buttery, Spiced, Fruity.
Price: £7.35 for 125g
Tasting Note: This is such a weird blend! The pink steeped liquid emulates a creamy spiced scent, filled with cinnamon, nuts, fruit and coconut. Whilst the flavour is mildly fruity, sweet, earthy and unsurprisingly has a popcorn twist. It should be great, but somehow the flavours aren't harmonious.

Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread - The English Tea Shop

Supplier: The English Tea Shop
Ingredients: Black Tea, Roasted Barley, Cinnamon Pieces, Ginger Pieces, Apple Pieces and Key Lime, Cinnamon and Ginger Flavours.
Flavour: Spiced
Price: Varies
Tasting Notes: I steeped this one for a little less than the recommended 4-5 minutes, so I could avoid any bitterness and drink it black. It created a pleasant brew with black tea notes peeking through under a layer of heavier cinnamon and spices. You could easily add milk to this and you'll properly get a nice lightly spiced cuppa.

Gingerbread Rooibos

Gingerbread Rooibos Tea - Wee Tea Company

Supplier: Wee Tea Co.
Ingredients: Rooibos, Honey Bush, Orange Peel, Fennel, Licquorice Root, Aniseed, Star Anise, Natural Flavouring and Safflower.
Flavours: Spiced
Price: £8.95 for 18 teabags in gift caddy.
Tasting Notes:. A hit of fennel gives this blend a herbal sort of feel. However, the predominant note is the sweet honey like disposition of rooibos, which combines with ginger to create a sweet and mildly spicy blend. A fair gingerbread replication.

Green Orange Chocolate

Supplier: Wee Tea Co
Ingredients: Chinese Green Tea, Cocoa Peel, Orange Peel, Cocoa Pieces and Flavouring.
Flavours: Creamy, Citrus
Price: £8.95 for 18 teabags in gift caddy.
Tasting Notes: An aroma that matches chocolate orange perfectly, creating a sense of urgency and a need to taste the tea. The comforting scent transfers into the tea with a milder note. However, it does still retain the creamy citrus of the smell, making it a tasty brew, despite being on the mild side.

Hawthorn Berry Tea

Supplier: Indigo Herbs
Ingredients: Hawthorn Berry
Flavour: Fruity
Price: £3.99 for 50g
Tasting Note: A light fishy sort of smell lifts with the steam, however the flavour is pleasantly mild with slight fruity and menthol notes. A bit of an odd ball, but certainly Christmassy.

Hey, Sugar Plum

Supplier: Bluebird Tea Co.
Ingredients: Elderberries, Hibiscus, Cinnamon, Blackcurrant, Mallow Flowers and Red Cornflowers.
Flavour: Fruity, Spiced
Price: £5.50 for 50g
Tasting Note: A musty aroma combines with cinnamon to provide a mulled feel. Whereas the actual flavour is fruity, with clear notes of elderberry.

Highland Chai

Supplier: Wee Tea Co.
Ingredients: Scottish Black Tea, Cloves, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Ginger, Dried Cranberries and Dried Orange.
Flavour: Malty, Citrus, Spiced
Price: £18.95 for 45g gift box
Tasting Note: Scottish grown leaves make this brew into something a little special! Taken black, it creates a malt tea, that’s a little on the bitter side, with light citrus and notes of clove. Adding milk reduces the already subtle flavours, with only the clove remaining, making it a fairly plain blend.

Orange Choc Chai

Supplier: Born Wild Tea
Ingredients: Cacao Nibs, Cinnamon, Fennel, Ginger, Orange Peel, Orange Pieces, Liquorice Root, Red Pepper and Cardamon.
Flavour: Herby, Spiced
Price: £4.50 for approx. 20 cups
Tasting Notes: An earthy fennel aroma accompanies a similar taste and becomes the overall flavour of the tea. The finish gathers an undertone of spices with a very light liquorice essence. Unfortunately, the orange and chocolate notes are nearly nonexistent. Luckily, the fennel notes make for an intriguing tea.

Orange Spice Cake

Supplier: Born Wild Tea
Ingredients: Rooibos, Honeybush, Orange Peel, Fennel, Liquorice Root, Aniseed, Star Anise, Natural Flavour and Safflower.
Flavour: Caramel, Citrus
Price: £4.25 for approx. 20 cups
Tasting Note: Fennel is a major player with the aroma of this blend, creating a super spicy smell. However, the flavour is a little different, with clear citrus combining with the sweet rooibos and honeybush. It finishes with just a hint of fennel and a larger dose of liquorice and aniseed. Overall, a perfectly blended tea

Marzipan Truffle

Supplier: Shibui Leaf Tea UK
Ingredients: Chinese Black Tea, Almonds, Chocolate Chips, Flavouring and Pink Peppercorns.
Flavour: Toasted, Nutty
Price: £4.95 for 100g
Tasting Note: The aroma is a sweet reflection of marzipan, so accurate you can practically taste it. However the taste has more similarity with toasted nuts, combined with a slight burnt finish. When milk is added this diminishes a little, allowing the almond notes to become a tad more prominent.

Masala Chai

Supplier: Hope & Glory
Ingredients: FBOP Ceylon Black Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamom, Nutmeg and Black Pepper.
Flavour: Spiced
Price: £11.00 for 100g looseleaf or 28 teabags
Tasting Note: A superb chai blend with an authentic and classic feel. The aroma is strong and spiced, with a robust flavour to match. Perfect with milk and a little honey.

Masala Chai

Supplier: Tea-Shirt London
Ingredients: Black Tea, Cinnamon Pieces, Ginger Pieces, Cardamom Seeds, Cardamom Pods, Vanilla Pieces and Flavouring.
Flavour: Spiced
Price: £5.99 for 80g
Tasting Note: A blend that uses classic chai ingredients to create a perfectly aromatic, original feel, in both the aroma and flavour. Unlike a traditional chai, this tea remains smooth and doesn’t adopt strong, bitter notes, making it easy to enjoy black. Overall, this blend seems perfect, with just the right amount of spices.

Mulled Apple Brandy

Supplier: Nothing But Tea
Ingredients: Cinnamon, Mullelin Flowers, Flavour, Apples, Brandy and White Tea.
Flavour: Fruity, Pine, Floral, Spiced
Price: £7.00 for 100g
Tasting Note: Where the aroma is a clear cinnamon, the flavour presents itself in an unusual mix of powdery florals, mild fruits, light spices and a pine like tang. A totally weird mix, but the cinnamon brings the blend into the festivities! It's a great Christmas tea that offers something unique and different.

Mulled Cider

Supplier: Bluebird Tea Co.
Ingredients: Apple Pieces, Ginger, Rosehip, Hibiscus, Cinnamon, Cloves, Lemon Peel and Flavour.
Flavour: Fruity, Musty, Spiced
Price: £7.80 for 50g
Tasting Note: A musty fruity flavour, provided by the apples and hibiscus, hints at a faint essence of cider, that becomes a little tart in the finish. This is combined by a spiced element of cinnamon and cloves, with a tiny tang of ginger right at the finish. A drastic price increase in 2017, up from £5.50 in 2016.

Mulled Fruit Infusion

Supplier: Leaf
Ingredients: Beetroot, Apple, Orange, Cardamom, Cloves and Cinnamon.
Flavour: Spiced, Citrus
Price: £9.25 for 150g
Tasting Note: An especially spicy aroma that will make you all giddy and excitable. Words can’t describe how Christmas-y and yummy the infusion smells (I wish the interest had scratch and sniff!) The flavour is surprisingly complex, starting with spiced notes, that gather around a fruit base of citrus-y orange. There's also an added musk of hibiscus, but the blend finishes with all flavours mingling together and a lasting ginger zing.

Mulled Wine

Supplier: Birdhouse Tea Co.
Ingredients: Apple, Hibiscus, Elderberry, Rosehip, Mistletoe, Cinnamon, Flavouring, Orange and Cloves.
Flavour: Spiced, Fruity
Price: £3.95 for 75g
Tasting Note: A very fruity Christmas blend! Despite being spiced, the fruits take a leading role with berry-like notes, soft apple and hints of orange.

Mulled Wine

Supplier: Rutland Tea Company
Ingredients: Hibiscus, Rose Hip, Apple, Orange Peel, Almonds and Cinnamon.
Flavour: Fruity, Spiced
Price: £4.00 for 100g
Tasting Note: This smells exactly like marzipan! Sweet, with a hint of nuttiness. However, the flavours are a strong mouthwatering sour note, a punch of cinnamon and fruity citrus. The first few sips were perfection, but the more I drank, the more the cinnamon left a powdery overpowering taste in my mouth. Less cinnamon in this would be perfect for me. As it is... it's ok.

Mulled Wine

Supplier: Shibui Leaf Tea UK
Ingredients: Apple, Hibiscus Blossoms, Elderberry, Rose Hip Peel, Mistletoe, Cinnamon Rods, Flavouring, Orange Slices and Cloves.
Flavour: Fruity, Earthy, Spiced
Price: £4.95 for 100g
Tasting Note: The dry aroma is fruity. Steeped it replicates mulled wine with earthy, musky, mild fruit and spiced notes. The only improvement would be if the spices were a little stronger. Despite this, the tea is easy to fall in love with, leaving you with a moreish want for its warmth. Incredibly, it’s also tasty iced, being much the same but with stronger cinnamon notes.


Supplier: Born Wild Tea
Ingredients: Apples Pieces, Flaked and Crushed Almond, Cinnamon Pieces, Beetroot Pieces and Flavour.
Flavour: Spiced, Nutty, Fruity
Price: £4.25 for looseleaf (approx. 20 cups)
Tasting Note: The aroma carries faint almond notes followed by a stronger spiciness. Once sipped, you realise this is essentially a nut tea! It takes some adjustment, but ultimately the flavour consists of almond notes, mingled with mild fruity and spiced notes. Incredibly distinctive!

Pain D’Epices Chai

Supplier: Dandylion Teas
Ingredients: Indian Assam Black Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves, Red Peppercorns and Cardamom.
Flavour: Spiced, Malty
Price: £4 for 15 teabags (approx. 45g)
Tasting Note: This carries the aroma of a good strong and classic chai. As with most chai blends the taste is a little bitter, so it's best taken with sugar or honey and a little milk, to create a lovely warming malty tea. Dandylion Tea suggests this to be a dessert blend, to be paired with anything sweet.

Pistachio and Marzipan Black Tea

Supplier: Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co.
Ingredients: Black tea, Pistachios, Natural Flavouring, Freeze-dried Marzipan Drops and Rose Petals.
Flavour: Nutty, Creamy
Price: £3.41 for 50g
Tasting Note: A beautiful biscotti aroma draws you to take sips that are full of a strong tea fore note. The middle note is predominantly a creamy, nutty flavour with a very light floral element. All followed by a biscuit finish. A sweet and tasty brew!

Rooibos Choc Cinnamon

Supplier: Piacha Tea Bar
Ingredients: Rooibos, Cocoa Shells, Cinnamon, Cardamom and Flavouring.
Flavour: Spiced, Caramel
Price: £7.60 for 75g loose leaf
Tasting Note: The packet forces a strong cardamom flavour, that is both inescapable and welcome. When steeped, the aroma is delicate in comparison, with sweet rooibos and cinnamon notes. The flavour has small hints of chocolate, but is predominantly a sweet concoction of honeyed rooibos and spiced cinnamon notes. They mingle with the cardamom, giving it a sweet caramel flavour.

Rooibos Christmas Tea

Supplier: Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co.
Ingredients: Rooibos, Blackberry Leaves, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Ginger, Orange, Orange Blossoms, Safflower and Spices.
Flavour: Spiced, Citrus
Price: £2.89 for 50g
Tasting Note: Whilst the predominant flavour is spiced rooibos, there’s also underlying notes of vanilla and almonds in both the aroma and flavour. However, the flavour develops into a refreshing orange zing with strong spices. It has a sweet and comforting style.

Rum Punch Fruit

Supplier: Leaf
Ingredients: Grape, Elderberry, Beetroot, Cherry, Strawberry, Apple and Hibiscus Pieces.
Flavour: Earthy, Fruity
Price: £8.75 for 150g
Tasting Note: The packet aroma is sweet, yet tart enough to make the mouth water. Upon steeping watch the water change from pale pink to a rich purple, gaining opulence with every minute steeped. The smell becomes reminiscent of blackcurrant, with an added earthy musty twist. Whilst the flavour has an obvious note of berries, the predominant flavours are the musty, earthy notes of hibiscus and beetroot, giving this tea a savoury note to juxtapose the sweet.


Supplier: Edgcumbes Coffee & Tea Ingredients: Assam and Kenyan Black Tea.
Flavour: Malty
Price: £4.00 for 250g
Tasting Note: Rupser, one of Edgcumbes most popular blends, is a rich black tea with deep malty flavours. Taken black Rusper is fairly bitter, but a dash of milk sorts this out. Brew for a little less than the suggested time if you’re not into strong tea, perfect for those who are though!


Santa’s Helper

Supplier: O Teas
Ingredients: Black Tea, Cinnamon Pieces, Almond Slices, Apple Pieces, Flavour and Vanilla Pieces.
Flavour: Malty, Spiced
Price: £3.49 | box of 12
Tasting Note: O Teas got the aroma of Santa's Helper bang on! It smells like a spiced Xmas Yankee candle! Smells. So. Good. Unfortunately, the flavour isn’t as glorious, tasting much like a standard malty black tea with a spoon of cinnamon dolloped in. It doesn’t taste bad, in fact it may even taste good, but it’s not particularly complex, nor does it match the enticing aroma.

Special Blend Christmas Tea

Supplier: Tregothnan
Ingredients: Assam Black Tea, Cornish Tea Leaves, Manuka Flowers and Cinnamon.
Flavour: Honey
Price: £15.95 for 50g
Tasting Note: A blend that contains tea leaves grown in England, making this an extra special tin of tea! Before the leaves are even steeped you can detect a sweet essence raising from the leaves. A sip is all it take to fall in love with the smooth, sweet and succulent flavours. The otherness of it brings your lips back to the cup each time to savour the beautiful gentle notes of this ethereal blend! In 2016 this was £12.95 for 25g, so the 2017 price is a steal!

Spiced Apple

Supplier: Birdhouse Tea Co.
Ingredients: Apple Pieces, Elderberry, Cinnamon, Hibiscus, Almond, Rosehip, Cloves, Mistletoe and Flavouring.
Flavours: Fruit, Spiced, Cream, Nutty
Price: £3.95 for 75g
Tasting Note: A mildly spiced, fruity aroma predominated by a sweet creamy almond scent. Once steeped the fruits take over, creating a glorious red berry liquid. The recommended 8 minute steep time is worth it, with a fore flavour of tart fruit, spicy middle notes and an unusual finish that's a combination of sour fruit and creamy almond. Every mouthful tastes like fruit crumble and custard, it's totally worth it.

Spicy Rooibos

Supplier: Tea Shirt London
Ingredients: Rooibos, Cardamom Seeds, Cinnamon Pieces, Cardamom Pods, Pink Pepper, Cloves, Vanilla Pieces and Natural Flavouring.
Flavour: Citrus, Spiced, Honey
Price: £5.49 for 100g
Tasting Note: The combination of rooibos and spices seems to create an orange aroma and flavour, giving this blend not just clear spiced notes of cardamom, but a citrus twang too. This combined with the rooibos, which isn’t apparent until the finish, turns the cup into a naturally sweet and warming tea.


Supplier: Bluebird Tea Co.
Ingredients: Celylon Black Tea, Coconut Pieces, Cacao Bean, Cocoa Shells, Desiccated Coconut, Mini Marshmallows, Chocolate Chips, Red Cornflowers and Flavour.
Flavour: Toasted, Coconut
Price: £8.00 for 15 teabags.
Tasting Note: A bitter tea with strong toasted notes and a mild coconut finish. The flavour is more akin to a heavy dark chocolate, than a light fluffy snowball. However, it’s still a fairly comforting brew, that becomes a lot smoother and creamier with the addition of milk. The coconut could be stronger, but overall it’s a decent brew that is an unusual Christmas tea addition, due to the inclusion of coconut!

Snow Princess

Supplier: Bev’s Tea Co
Ingredients: Fuijan grown White Tea
Flavour: Pine, Herby
Price: £12.40 for 100g
Tasting Note: A white tea compiled of handpicked buds and leaves that are dried in spring sun. This beautiful snowy white tea produces a light flavourful liquor, full of delicate notes of pine and herbs. The cute seasonal packaging makes this tea perfect for Christmas, particularly for those who want to experience the flavours in a single origin tea.

Super Green Bai Mu Dan

Supplier: Nothing But Tea
Ingredients: Bai Mu Dan Green Tea
Flavour: Grassy, Toasted
Price: £6.10 for 100g
Tasting Note: This Bai Mu Dan, usually a white tea, is somewhat unusual as it is actually a green tea. Make note those looking for something a little different to try! The flavour is light and faintly floral, similar to the traditional white tea. However, it also carries those green tea tells of grassy toasted notes.

Tie Guan Yin Oolong

Supplier: Wan Ling Tea House
Ingredients: Fuijan grown Heavily Oxidised Traditional Oolong
Flavour: Caramel, Toasted
Price: £14.00 for 50g
Tasting Note: Great Taste Award winner of 2014. This heavy roasted oolong has been slowly fired over wood charcoal for 2-3 days, in order to give it distinct warming caramel and toasted notes. A perfect fire side beverage.


Supplier: Kusmi Tea
Ingredients: Aniseed, Black Tea, Cinnamon Cardamom Seeds, Ginger Root, Liquorice, Aroma and Orange Peel.
Flavour: Citrus, Spiced
Price: £26.50 for 200g in metal caddy.
Tasting Note: If a Russian Earl Grey and a Chai tea had a baby, this is what they would birth. A smooth tea with spicy notes, an aroma that fills the room like a spiced candle, emitting a rich complex scent. Notes of cinnamon and cardamom are clear, with a back note of orange. This particular product is a regular winter tea for Kusmi. In 2016, to celebrate 150th year of kusmi, it donned a beautiful black and gold caddy, inspired by the tiaras worn by Tsar princesses. In 2017, the caddy is full golden. It's beautiful, but disappointingly the price has increased from £24.80 in 2016, an the contents has decreased from 250g. Bad move Kusmi.

Winter Romance Fruit Tisane

Supplier: Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co.
Ingredients: Apple Pieces, Hibiscus Blossoms, Rosehip Peel, Orange Peel and Flavouring.
Flavour: Fruity, Spiced
Price: £3.18 for 50g
Tasting Note: A super strong cinnamon smell escapes the cup, leading to the unsurprising revelation that this is also a keynote in the flavour! Cinnamon if followed by a fruity side note and a joint musty sour finish. This blend does hold a cheeky little surprise. It’ so unbelievably sweet! So sweet in fact, it had me double checking the ingredients for sugar, due to its candied fruit taste.

Winter Spice

Supplier: The Gilded Teapot
Ingredients: Black Tea, Cinnamon Sticks, Chocolate Chips, Orange Slices and Whole Star Anise, Star Anise and Flavouring.
Flavour: Spiced, Citrus
Price: £5.95 for 100g
Tasting Note: Orange very much takes the lead, being prominent in both flavour and scent. Taken black this is a strong tea with medium spiced notes and an obvious citrus finish. Adding milk seems to accentuate the orange and spices, but tones down the tea, to create a smooth festive experience.

Winter Wine

Supplier: Hyson Tea
Ingredients: Ceylon Black Tea, Flavouring, Corn Flowers, Raisins and Anoda Pieces.
Flavour: Fruity, Floral
Price: £7.50 for 200g
Tasting Note: Winter Wine is packed nicely into a tin caddy with a Hyson tea spoon, making it great value for money on face value. The flavour is an incredibly strong black tea, peppered with fruity and floral notes. There's a heavy berry note to Winter Wine, however it isn't reminiscent of the actual flavour of wine. I didn't really enjoy this, neither did my old flat mate!

Winter Wonderland

Supplier: Born Wild Tea
Ingredients: Apple, Cinnamon, Mango, Hibiscus, Pineapple, Star Anise, Cocoa, Snowflake Sprinkles, Orange Peel, Flavour, Orange, Cloves, Bourbon Vanilla, Cardamom, Coriander, Cumin, Anise and Nutmeg.
Flavour: Fruity, Spiced
Price: £4.50 for approx. 20 cups
Tasting Notes: This tea has sooo many ingredients that on the first sips it's hard to pin down the exact flavour. However, an obvious spiced aroma emits with strong notes of cinnamon and anise. It transgress into a sour fruity note with slight musk of hibiscus. Overall a sweet and weirdly wonderful blend.

Winter Wondermint

Supplier: The London Tea Company
Ingredients: Peppermint and Flavouring.
Flavour: Mint
Price: £3.99 for 15 Teabags (approx 30g)
Tasting Note: An incredible and super minty blast! The mint notes literally burst through the taste buds and sinuses to make you feel really clear and invigorated. The strongest mint tea you'll ever taste and absolutely perfect for refreshing you through the winter months!

White Christmas

Supplier: Nothing But Tea
Ingredients: Aged Malawi White Tea, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger, Rose Petals and Cloves.
Flavour: Spiced, Floral
Price: £6.55 for 100g
Tasting Note: As with most white teas this blend holds lightly fragrant and delicate floral notes in the flavour. However, there is also the distinctive taste of cloves and ginger, particularly in the finish, giving this a more robust flavour and a festive feel.

White Christmas

Supplier: Tea Route UK
Ingredients: White Tea, Apple, Rosehip, Orange, Honey, Almond, Beetroot, Flavouring, Cardamom and Star Anise.
Flavour: Fruity, Herby
Price: £8.00 for 100g
Tasting Note: The light floral and herb notes of white tea are just about detectable through the also light fruity flavour. Accompanied by incredibly bright pink liquid, this is a tasty and sweet tea with very gentle notes.

The Wise Men’s Gift by Tea Route UK

Ingredients: Beetroot Pieces, Almond Pieces, Orange Slices, Star Anise, Cardamom Seeds, Apple Pieces, Rosehip Peel, Natural Flavouring.
Flavour: Nutty, Spiced
Price: £7.00 for 100g.
Tasting Note: This is unlike any of the other featured fruit teas, being truly unique in aroma, which fills a room before it’s even steeped, and flavour. The base is fruity with a nutty edge, but somehow the ingredients concoct a brilliant spiced essence, so unlike anything else that it brings a exotic feel to this festivities.

Yoga Chai

Supplier: Tea Shirt London
Ingredients: Cinnamon Pieces, Ginger Pieces, Cardamom Seeds, Cloves and Black Pepper.
Flavour: Spiced, Pepper
Price: £5.99 for 100g
Tasting Note: This is the first caffeine-free chai I’ve come across that does not use a substitute, such as rooibos, and it’s bloody brilliant! Tea Shirt suggests boiling this for 20 minutes and then adding milk. However, I felt that milk actually ruined Yoga Chai's extremely peppery ginger notes. Steeping this at 100°C in a cup seems to produce a super fragrant and spicy brew too. Now, who wants a chai before bed!?

Yuletide Spirit

Supplier: Nothing But Tea
Ingredients: Black Tea, Orange, Cinnamon, Ginger and Cloves.
Flavour: Citrus, Caramel
Price: £5.80 for 100g
Tasting Notes: Excitement is stirred up by the sight of good quality leaves and the creamy citrus scent which, in the first few sips. However, this leads directly to a slight disappointment, particularly when compared the other exceptional blends NB Tea have produced. The tea is a little on the bitter side, with slight caramel flavours that combine with powdery florals, citrus, clove and cinnamon notes. The effect is a bit of a mishmash. It’s not horrendous, but is fairly average.


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