Tea Review: Cranberry Leaf

About This Tea

Supplier: Tea in the City
Ingredients: Cranberry Leaves
Origin: Ozurgti, Georgia
Harvest: May 2016
Brewing Technique: 100°C for 3 minutes

The intricacies of this herbal tea are fascinating! The cranberry plants are grown in Georgia (the country, not the American state!), amidst cooling breezes of the Black Sea, in acidic soil, to create a rich contribution to the terroir. The top leaves and buds are delicately handpicked and processed in a similar way to black tea, but using all wooden machinery and implements, to follow an ancient Indian method.

Cranberry Leaf Herbal Tea by Tea in the City


An odd mix of slightly fruity and slightly earthy notes, with a scent that loosely mimics Palma Violets, making it an alluring tea.


The flavour is unbelievable, with a blatant fruity, almost tart taste, that combines with light peppered and floral notes. The finish contains small hints of the malty flavour familiar to black tea, giving a final layer of depth and an implausible complexity that makes it hard to believe this is a caffeine free herbal tea.
Cranberry Leaf Herbal Tea by Tea in the City


As if the processing method wasn’t enough to convince you this tea is incredible, it also holds a ton of health benefits that are known to include: promoting better oral health, increasing the metabolic rate, reducing cholesterol, supporting liver function, relief from period cramps and relieving UTI’s. Cranberry tea also contains vitamin C, E and K, as well as antioxidants, which aid the body by combating free radicals that cause aging.
Cranberry Leaf Herbal Tea by Tea in the City

Final Thoughts

I was completely and utterly blown away by the intricacy and exclusivity of this tea, and the effort Tea in the City obviously put into sourcing and presenting such a unique product to the English market. For those suffering the “all appearance and no substance” problem, which Tea in the City suggests is common for those seeking a good herbal brew, this tea seems to be the answer, offering depth in flavour that’s actually unbelievably satisfying.


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