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About Curious Tea

Curious Tea is a UK based tea subscription service that, like many others, aims to broaden your tea knowledge. However, unlike many other tea subscription services, Curious Tea only focuses on good quality, high grade pure tea. This means they avoid blended teas, allowing a true focus on providing premium quality, for the finest tasting experience.
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The Subscription

Quantity: Arriving monthly, the "Classic Tea Subscription" box contains two 50g pouches of loose leaf tea, which is suggested to provide approximately 40 cups overall. However, this can probably stretch much further owing to the quality of the leaves and their ability to be re-steeped.
Cost: Payment can be made via two options. Firstly through recurring monthly or quarterly billing, that can be cancelled at any time. Secondly, by a one off payment method for bulk purchases of 3, 6 or 12 months, which is ideal for gifting. The subscription costs between £13.75-15.00 per month, depending on the payment option selected.
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The Tea

This it isn’t just one size fits all box, you then have a selection of three boxes to choose from!
Light Tea Box: Contains teas that generally have light and gentle characteristics. Such as; green, white, yellow and lightly oxidised oolong’s. Perfect for someone who isn't too fond of heavily oxidised tea, like black tea.
Dark Tea Box: Contains much heavier teas that are highly oxidised, therefore you can expect to see black, red, pu-erh and heavily oxidised oolongs. Perfect for someone who prefers robust flavours.
Mixed Tea Box: If you’re an all-round tea lover, or just want to expand your tea tasting experiences, this is the box for you. The mixed box contains a selection of both light and dark teas.

Curious Tea Subscription Box Service Green Tea Oolong Tea

The tea arrives in a resealable pouch, in order to retain freshness. However the package also contains “tea cards”, which provides information about the tea, as well as a space to add your own tasting notes. This is a quirky addition, as many tea delivery services don’t offer any kind of platform to make and keep personal notes. With Curious Tea you can build up a little collection for safe keeping.

Taste the Tea received a mixed tea box, which contained the green tea and oolong detailed below!

Long Jing Ming Qian Dragon Well

Origin: Xinchang, Zhejiang, China
Harvest: March 2016
Brewing Technique: 80°C, 2-3 Minutes
Long Jing Dragon Well - Curious Tea Subscription Box Service About This Tea: Long Jing is a green tea that literally translates to Dragon Well, the name which it is more commonly known in English. This particular Long Jing is called Ming Quian because the picking of the leaves occurs prior to the Qing Ming Festival (Ancestors day), celebrated in early April. The leaves are hand plucked and fried, creating a characteristically flat leaf.
Tasting Notes:A light green tea with what seems to be an all-round toasted flavour. The base note is rich, followed by a great combination of sweet vegetal notes and a smooth zesty lime finish.

Mi Lan Xiang Dan Cong Oolong

Origin: Chaozhou, Guangdong, China
Elevation: Wu Dong Shan 1000-1500m
Cultivar: Fenghuang Shui Xian
Harvest: April 2016
Brewing Technique: 80°C, 3 Minutes
Mi Lan Xiang Dan Cong About This Tea: Dan Cong specifically refers to tea grown on Phoenix mountain (Fenguang Shan) in Guangdong. The full name of the tea, Mi Lan Xiang Dan Cong Oolong, translates to Honey Orchid Fragrance Phoenix Oolong. It's a bit of a mouthful, but the name is said to reflect the sweet flavour of floral honey. Dan Cong oolongs are notable for variety, emulating the flavours of their environments. According to Curious Tea, this particular oolong is produced from 30 year old semi wild trees.
Tasting Notes: Curious tea states repeatedly that the tea should have a sweet floral honey flavour, with hints of Mango and vanilla. Whilst there is a lingering sweet caramel flavour, this tea also seems to have a distinctly wood and herby note, with hints of pine, making it reminiscent of a misty evergreen forest.

Final Thoughts

The teas in this subscription pack are unquestionably good quality, with their array of complex and multi layered flavours. Both are available for singular purchase on the Curious Tea site, however the same quantity of teas actually costs £18.50, making the subscription a well worth it price, with a saving of £3.50. If you want to be a little more adventurous, Curious Tea also have a "Discovery" box which costs £9.50 per month for a selection of 4 10g packets of teas. Overall, this is a subscription that will appeal massively to lovers of tea, being one of few UK tea subscriptions that offers true quality tea.


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