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In an effort (and need) to be an equal mix of proactive and lazy here's a photo dump and mini review of the Davids Tea Autumn Chai Collection: Pumpkin Chai, White Chocolate Chai and S'mores Chai.

Davids Tea Chai Davids Tea Chai Davids Tea Chai Davids Tea Chai


Unpopular opinion: I think these blends are a bit of a gimmick. I know. groan. Someone slap my wrist. When I moved to Canada, one of the first things I wanted to do was ogle at all the blends in David's tea and make a wish list. I really REALLY wanted to like them, however, I find the majority of their tea (that I've tried) far too sweet. I'm used to taking my tea black, so perhaps it's just a little shock to the system, but I couldn't taste much in these other than sugar, with an added oily mouth feel. The experience left me more than a little disappointed and makes me apprehensive to buy more of their tea. They look pretty at least and make a slightly better latte... If not still too sweet for my liking!

Davids Tea Chai Davids Tea Chai Davids Tea Chai Davids Tea Chai


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