December Tea News & Reads

Products & Teaware

Super Tea Gifts - I know Christmas is pretty much over, but this is a pretty awesome list of great gifts for tea lovers. Everything on it is super cute and, although not an essential, is still a must have.
Tea Smith Gin - I don’t even like gin, but this looks exceptional.

Tea Teachings

Basic Tea Facts - 10 tea facts all tea lovers should know. If you’re new to the world of good tea, acquaint yourself with these simple teachings.
Turkish Tea - I particularly like the beginning of this article that tells you a lot about the beginning of teas rots in Turkey. TWEET - #WednesdayWisdom – Leanr about the roots of #tea in #Turkey! #teateachings #Istanbul #samovar #tealover #history
Who Can We Thank For The Teabag? - Ever wondered where the teabag invention came from and how it came about? Wonder no more! This article provides a two pronged explanation to where the teabag came from.
Tea Explains Universe – What more can I say… Tea being used to explain physics, that’s my kind of science.

In The UK

UK Grown Tea – English tea plantation, Tregothnan, based in Cornwall, gets great harvest due to mild winter weather.
Tetley Tea Report - Tetley releases another tea report. This time, it's a fairly decent read. See The Future of Tea - How They Got it Wrong for my thoughts on their previous report.
Indie Café’s & Restaurants Take Note - Quality tea is becoming a massive sale opportunity!


Cosy Tea & Book Pairings - Is there any better way to spend winter, than curled up with a good tea and perfectly paired book? I think not.
Kettle Advice - Looking for a new kettle in 2017? This post lists the top kettles of 2016. Although none of them appear to feature temperature control, there does seem to be a focus on quality of water and there are a few helpful tips at the beginning.



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