Earl Grey Shortbread

Supplier: Whittard of Chelsea, one of the oldest tea shops in London. You’ll be pushed to find a tea lover who doesn’t know the brand and even those outside of the tea revolution will still be in the know with thanks to their high street stores dotted around the UK.

"All Butter Shortbread – A bergamot inspired biscuit infused with our signature blend of earl grey”

Ingredients: Fortified wheat flour, salted butter, sugar, earl grey tea . Whittard of Chelsea - All Butter Earl Grey Shortbread


A elegant blue tin with Victorian-esque floral symmetrical patterning. It’s just beautiful. Perhaps the only thing that lets it down is that the biscuit and ingredients labeling are printed on with the pattern, so there's absolutely zero chance of getting a nice plain patterned tin at the end of it. You will, however, still have a decent sized tea caddy.

Taste Test:

The smell is extremely buttery, so it’s no surprise that when you pick one out of the packet there’s a little greasy residue left on your fingers. The texture is rough and crumbly, light and fluffy, not being as heavy as normal shortbread, allowing it to break away and melt in the mouth. The flavour is also buttery, similar to classic shortbread, but with the obvious difference in flavour caused by the citric notes of earl grey.

Dunk Test:

Depite its light crumbly consistency the biscuits hold their own, dunking perfectly well. Dunk into an earl grey tea for extra flavorful goodness!

Final Thoughts

I was lucky enough to receive these Whittard Earl Grey Shortbreads, for my Birthday in July 2016, so got to munch on these for free! Although, the packaging is pretty and the biscuits taste nice, I didn’t feel they were something I would go back to, being a little too greasy for me. Sorry Whittard!



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