Tea Review: No.28 Earl Grey Lavender

About For Leaves Tea Co.

Born from ideas of a better world and an appreciation for the simple things in life, For Leaves was created in 2013 with the aim to reunite people with the culture and rituals of tea. Everything about For Leaves Tea Co. radiates a relaxing, mindful demeanour, with the teas being ethically sourced as Fair Trade or part of the Ethical Tea Partnership.
Earl Grey Lavender black tea - Leaves Tea Company

About This Tea

Ingredients: Ceylon Black Tea, Orange Peel, Natural bergamot, Cornflower Petals, Lavender Flowers, Vanilla and Natural Flavours. Brewing Technique: 95-100°c, 3-5 Minutes


A creamy aroma that contains hints of vanilla and, of course, lavender, which seems to invite a sweet sense of familiarity and comfort, like outstretched arms awaiting your reciprocating embrace.


Taken black this tea is strong, yet smooth, with a tang of bergamot, powdery florals of lavender coming through beautifully and a creamy hint of vanilla taking off the edge. Combined, these flavours provide a homey comfort, serving to entangle you in the moment and want nothing more but to sit back, close your eyes and savour the taste.
Earl Grey Lavender black tea - Leaves Tea Company

Learning Point

Earl Grey tea is named after an English prime minister from the 1830's, Lord Charles Grey. However, there is much uncertainty about how the tea was actually named, with a number of tea companies claiming to have the original recipe from Mr. Grey himself.
Sir Charles Grey Earl Grey 2nd

Final Thoughts

You caught me, I’m an avid earl grey lover and there is little I enjoy more than an Earl Grey blended with a touch of vanilla. The creamy flavours appealing to my personal taste preferences. What’s surprising to me though, is how much I enjoyed the addition of lavender, something I have previously not enjoyed in other blends. Overall, it’s a powerful cup, and something any earl grey fan should try.



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