Tea Review: Enchanted Narnia

About This Tea

Ingredients: Rosebuds, Cocoa Shells, Rose Petals, Lemongrass & Raspberry Leaves.
Brewing Technique: 100°C, 4 mins
Supplier: Bluebird Tea Co.


A soft turkish delight perfume reminiscent of powdered rose petals. When steeped the aroma emits a grassier note, entwined with lemon.

Enchanted Narnia Herbal Tea Bluebird Tea Co


If using a large mug of water this needs to be brewed for a little longer than 4 minutes to allow the flavours to fully develop. Herbal blends can sometimes be weaker than the average tea, depending on the ingredients used. Therefore, the balance between too strong and too weak can be more varied depending what herbs the blend contains, so have a little play around and see what suits you. Rose tends to be subtle but similarly, it isn’t easily overpowered. Enchanted Narnia does well to combine rose with lemongrass, in order to provide a balance between the citric and floral notes, neither becoming too overbearing.blends.


Sweet: Adding a drop of honey (just under half a tea spoon) made this a delight, accentuating the rose notes and overpowering the lemongrass, giving the drink new soft, sweet, floral context. This makes it perfect for lazy afternoons and as an evening relaxer.
Iced: For those who aren't too keen on fruity teas to ice, give this ago on a hot summers evenings!


The ingredients of Enchanted Narnia are perfect for alleviating cold type symptoms. Raspberry leaves have anti-inflammatory properties and contain lots of vitamin C, as are the rose buds and petals, making them great for sore throats and boosting the immune system. The rose perfume is also significant as it can help to clear sinuses. Finally, Lemongrass, like lemon, has antibacterial agents and a variety of vitamins and minerals, in small amounts, making it a great little booster ingredient.

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