Tea Review: Exotic Coconut

About This Tea

Supplier: The UK Loose Leaf Tea Co.
Ingredients: Black Tea, Coconut Shavings, Lulo Fruit, Marigold, Safflower Blossoms and Flavouring.
Brewing Technique: 100°c, 3-4 Minutes


A fruity, floral concoction with an very slight spicy note.

Exotic Coconut - Black Tea - UK Loose Leaf Tea Company


I love coconut blends. Coconut is way up there in my top favourite flavours. Yet, I found Exotic Coconut a little disorientating. The black tea is mild and smooth, great, nothing wrong there. The coconut is prevalent, winner, generated from raw coconut pieces, rather than a synthetic flavouring, bonus! Yet the addition of the lulo fruit and blossoms breeds a floral, fruity backing that I couldn’t quite get to grips with. It’s not unpleasant, and it’s not like the ingredients clash as such, but they don’t seem to instantly combine into a great flavour, so takes some getting used to. It’s almost like you are experiencing the flavours separately, the coconut hitting the tongue in a different way to the fruity notes and the floral notes. Think warm Pina Colada and you’ll get the idea. But if pina colada is enjoyed cold then what about Exotic Coconut?


So, I just made it seem like I had the foresight to try Exotic Coconut iced, but this was actually an accidental discovery. Having left Exotic Coconut to cool, I unwittingly took a sip, instantly thinking ohhh this tastes so much better! There you go… instantaneous discovery. So brew it up and add some ice for a perfection.

Exotic Coconut - Black Tea - UK Loose Leaf Tea Company

Final Thoughts

The more I drank of Exotic Coconut, the more I accustomed to the contrasting flavours, although I have to say I was a little disappointed with this blend hot. I guess I’m no exotic flower and lack the adventure this bold blend requires. Although, on the up side I have found myself an iced tea with a Pina Colada (my favourite cocktail) profile, if that’s not a win… I don’t know what is!



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