Green Lady | Sparkling Tea

“Darjeeling is to tea, as Champagne is to wine.”

This is the very notion that sparked the idea of Green Lady, a luxury non-alcoholic alternative beverage.

Green Lady is a modern twist on the ancient form of tea, created with green Darjeeling, a sparkling base, carab fruit, nutmeg and rose oil. The end result is a lavish non-alcoholic alternative for adults, that presents itself as the healthier option, due to the natural ingredients.

Green Lady Darjeeling Sparkling Tea

Calm in the Chaos

May 2017 was hectic for me. At the beginning of the month I had just arrived home from travelling Europe and at the end of the month I got married (30th May 2017!) and moved to Canada. All that time between I don't remember sitting still. I was suddenly being run ragged by last minute packing and wedding prep, part of which included finding me the perfect drink for the reception.

Green Lady Darjeeling Sparkling Tea

Personally I'm a light drinker, in fact it's very rare I WILL drink alcohol. I tend to just have a ginger beer (because I'm a ginger addict) or a tea (also a tea addict), much to the amusement of all my friends and colleagues. Unsurprisingly, I didn't want to break habit and excessively drink at my wedding, just because it was a special occasion. Hence, when I actually won a whole crate of Green Lady, I felt blessed. It really couldn't have come at a better time.

Last minute wedding prep is very stressful and so for me, Green Lady really lived up to its tag line, Calm in the Chaos, by providing me with a little uplifting beverage at the end of those long and weary days. Conveniently, it also solved my reception drink problem. The guests made a decent dent in the alcohol we supplied and I got to experience the best of both worlds with a tasty sparkling tea.

Green Lady Darjeeling Sparkling Tea Non Alcoholic

How does Green Lady sparkling tea taste?

A sweet floral aroma draws you into a fore note that's also sweet. However, Green Ladys sweetness is subtle enough to be satisfying and not feel sickly. Middle notes of tea and nutmeg are likewise subtle, deviating into a delicate final note of Turkish delight style rose and a general fruitiness, making the drink wholesome and refreshing. As well as all these wonderfully rich flavours, there's the added effervescent texture, concocting a luxurious feel to each sip.

Green Lady Darjeeling Sparkling Tea

Final Thoughts

Honestly, I was totally in love, and it wasn't just the fact I was getting married. The light flavours and luxurious texture of Green Lady are truly perfect!


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