Tea Review: Himalayan First Flush

About This Tea

Origin: Kuwapani Tea Plantation, Nepal
Harvest: April 2016
Brewing Technique: 90°C, 3 Minutes
Supplier: Tea in the City

According to Tea in the City, light Nepalese tea, such as this one, are modelled on Darjeeling. The lightly oxidized buds are gently rolled to create perfectly downy leaves and the 6000ft elevation, creates a wonderfully complex flavour, similar to any first flush Darjeeling.

Himalayan First Flush | Tea in the City


Like fresh hay, it’s a little grassy and sweet, but there’s also a slight fruity element behind these notes.

Himalayan First Flush | Tea in the City


The first few sips are fruity, like warm freshly squeezed grape nectar, with slow steady hints of cherry. It’s sweet, gentle and fulfilling; notes that make me feel this is the perfect companion against a chill ocean breeze. Imagine sitting on a beach at sunset with this in hand, just as the heat is disappearing from the day. Some people may image holding a glass of bubbly, but I feel this tea would also be totally fitting too, and much more warming!

Himalayan First Flush | Tea in the City

Final Thoughts

Himalayan first flush is totally elegant; both tea and packaging have that type of class that comes with good champagne. Obviously, such an exclusive and complex tea is going to come with a price tag that exceeds the usual. However, this beautifully flavoursome and light tea is worth every penny. Recognition for exquisite Nepalese teas like this one is on the rise, and it's great that Tea in the City has sourced and stocked it in advance of that trend. I love the company for this, all of their teas are special, so even if this one doesn't tickle your taste buds, the company is still worth checking out for their other premium teas.


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