Tea Review: Hunky Dory

About This Tea

Ingredients: Sencha Green Tea and Ginger Root.
Origin: Japan
Brewing Technique: 80-90°C for 3-7 Minutes
Supplier: Jolly Brew


A great zesty ginger that borders on a lemony citric profile.
Hunky Dory Ginger green tea Jolly Brew Tea


I love ginger! It boasts anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory properties and tastes great! Naturally, due to loving the flavour, I am always trying to find a great ginger based tea and in the past have found that many just don’t cut it. Don’t get me wrong, past contenders have tasted fine, but they just haven’t necessarily provided that kick I (and other ginger lovers) have been searching for. That is… until I took a sip of Hunky Dory. If you’re searching for a powerful ginger blast, this is your tea. The ginger doesn’t hide, it isn’t subtle and why should it? If you’ve selected a tea based on its ginger content it should be bold and powerful, just the way Hunky Dory is. So how’s the tea? Hunky Dory uses Sencha, a great Japanese green tea, in stark contrast to ginger it has an extremely gentle profile, with a toasted, almost buttery palate. Just be careful with the water temperature, 90°C is fine, but gave a very slight bitter taste.


Jolly Brew advise that milk and sugar are not recommended with Hunky Dory. Whilst I agree that milk probably shouldn’t be added to green tea and I avoid sugar anyway, I do think you can still play around with it. I would suggest that honey would make a great additional to this blend if you fancy something a little sweeter or in particularly if you are suffering from a sore throat, as the combination with ginger should soothe you.

Hunky Dory Ginger green tea Jolly Brew Tea

Final Thoughts

I’ve searched for this. I needed this. I loved this. Hunky Dory was just amazing, genuinely providing the kick I wanted from a ginger tea, with a lovely sweet mellow back drop. It actually felt good to drink it, feeling like a bit of a cleanse and it’s packed with antioxidants. With the taste test passed, I would say the only blip I can see with this product is the name. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun and bubbly name, but it just doesn’t seem to reflect the blends vigorous nature. That’s the best criticism for this tea I could come up with… Guess that makes this tea damn near perfect.



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