Iced Tea Inspo - 10 Ingrediants for Iced Tea

In appreciation of iced tea here is a list of items you can add to snazz up your iced tea.

Pimms Iced Tea Recipe Ingredients

1. Lemon: A favourite among many, that adds a sweet citric taste that works well with both black and green tea. I know what you’re saying though, this can be a little boring at times and sometimes you just need more umpff. Works well with: Nearly everything!

2. Peach: Another American classic made famous with big iced tea brands such as Liptons.
Works well with: Other fruit and all tea.

3. Cucumber: The distinct taste of cucumber provides a very cooling and refreshing note, but without any added sugar. Also, being around 96% water, cucumber serves to provide added hydration. Combine with lemon or honey for a little natural sweetener.
Works well with: Mint and Green Tea.

4. Honey: Sometimes you need a sweet treat. Rather than dosing your iced tea up on refined sugar, instead add a drop of honey as a natural sweetener to get the sweet kick you desire or remove sour notes from fruits.
Works well with: Lemon and all teas.

5. Rhubarb: Has a very distinct taste that is usually zingy and sour so could be added if you’re looking for a little kick, particularly in an iced fruit tea.
Works well with: Strawberry, Ginger, Rose, Fruit and Green Teas.

6. Berries: All the berries. Any kind of berries. They will always taste nice… Think strawberries, raspberries, cherries, even blackberries! Mix and match!
Works well with: Green, Fruit and White Tea, Mint and Rose.

7. Mint: Mentholating (is this a word?), refreshing and cooling. What more could you ask for? Mint is glorious in the summer and provides natural relaxation.
Works well with: Nearly Everything.

8. Carbonated Water: Fancy something fizzy? Add carbonated water to concentrated tea to create a sparkling drink that’s perfect for parties.
Works well with: Fruit and White Tea, Fruits, Rose and Lemon.

9. Rose: In small quantities edible rose, and other edible flowers for that matter, may only serve to look nice. However, in a larger quantity, quality rose should infuse to give a nice lingering floral flavour. Failing this you can always buy or make a rose infused syrup or honey.
Works well with: Red Berries, Earl Grey, Black and white tea.

10. Herbs: Feeling experimental? Herbs like basil combine well with strong flavours, rosemary with softer sweeter flavours and cinnamon and nutmeg to add a bit of spice. Why not give it a try?

For more on inspo iced tea, including recipes and hisotry of iced tea check out my iced tea section!


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