January Tea New & Reads


Iced Tea Cocktails - 5 recipes to get you ready for summer. I know we're still in winter, but nothing wrong with some early prep!

Tea Teachings

Rooibos & Health - A little on the health claims of Rooibos tea, not too in depth of sciencey.
Health Benefits of Tea - Another great post on tea's health benefits.
Twinnings Tea Heir... - ...tells us how to make a cup of tea properly.
Tea, Coffee and Sustainability - A look a which morning fix is more sustainable.

In The UK

Foodie Predictions - According to this post bubble tea was so 2002, but it seems it only just hit the UK in 2016!
Monkey Around - Meet the tea drinking gorilla of Gloucestershire.


Boy to Master - A lovely article about one boys journey to growing into a tea master.

Products & Teaware

Tea Cube Set to Hit Market - A cute little cube to help you track your tea drinking will hit the market soon. A little pricey, but some of us were lucky enough to get the discounted price though funding the project on Kickstarter :) Just waiting for mine to arrive!
Matcha Tools - The one thing ever matcha drinker should own and why.
Bookish - Interview with Cal Orey, author of The Healing Powers of Chocolate and The Healing Powers of Tea, talks about the connection between the two.

Travel & World

Free Tea for Americans - Apparently January is National Hot Tea Month and January 12th is National Hot Tea Day! To celebrate the Tea Council of the USA is offering a chance to $500 and a year's supply of tea! All you need to do is share a photo or explain the unique way, times or places your enjoy tea and include #IndividualiTEA and tag @TeaCouncil.
Turkey's History with Tea - Learn all about how the Turkish came to love tea.
A Day In The Life Of Earthern Teacup Maker - Insightful post about the lifestyle of clay teacup makers in India.



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