5 ways to use Jasmine Tea

This summer, I've fallen head over heels with jasmine tea (<-- Click the link to learn more about jasmine tea). Not just drinking it hot, but cold brewing it, blending it and with cooking with it! If you're as obsessed as me, here's some inspiration to get you feelin' that jasmine love.
Jasmine Flower -Jasmine Tea


Flavoured Water

Might sound a bit boring, but it tastes amazing and just imagine this... You're having guests over for dinner, you serve them with some flavoured water... They taste the mint, the lemon, the lime... but they just can't guess that final ingredient! You'll have them begging you for your secret! For a subtle flavour, I add 1 part cold brewed jasmine tea to 4 parts water and mix with mint and citrus.
Jasmine tea flavoured water

Iced Tea

Jasmine tea iced is actually AWESOME. It tastes so damn good. Can it get any better? The short and oh so very sweet answer is, YES! Make it into an iced tea cocktail, with or without the alcohol.

Here I've got a plain old lemon, which gave an added sweetness that slightly toned down the jasmine, and a mint and lime, which added a refreshing botanical feel to the drink, but also intensified the jasmine and it's powdery mouth-feel.
Jasmine iced tea

I've experimented with flavour combos, mainly using citrus fruits, but overnight cold brewing with berries, such as cherry or raspberry, should give you some added sweetness and flavour too.


This was an exciting discovery! As well as being obsessed with jasmine, I've also become smoothie mad! At the moment I'm having one everyday, so when I realised jasmine tea would work. Oh. My. God. I had a field day. Check out my Jasmine Smoothie Recipes.



Ok so, I'm really NOT a baker. I'm a "my cakes never rise, my cookies always burn" type of person. However, if I wasn't like that, then I would definitely be trying to bake something sweet. I really like the idea of mixing jasmine tea with coconut cookies and buckwheat banana pancakes! Let me know if you've made anything tasty with jasmine tea, even if it's just to make me envious of your mad baking skills!


Although I can't bake, I actually CAN cook! Despite this I've not been mega creative... yet! I've ventured into Jasmine rice, but somehow incorporating it with a sweet potato recipe AND a thai coconut curry, are also on my list.



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