Tea Review: Liberty Spirit

About This Tea

Ingredients: Mint, Liquorice, Burdock Root, Milk Thistle, Dandelion and Ginger.
Brewing Technique 95°C, 3 Minutes.
Supplier: MD Tea


The dried leaves are beautifully aromatic, with mint and liquorice coming through strong. When brewed the aroma becomes increasingly minty, making a sinus clearing scent. It's hard not to drawn in deep, relaxing breaths.


I was extremely excited about this tea, having an affection for all things ginger and mint. The chance to try them together sounded exceptionally appealing! Unfortunately for me, the ginger doesn’t make much of an appearance, hiding behind a curtain of mint and liquorice.

Front stage, taking the lead role, is mint. The cups protagonist provides a fresh, clear cut, menthol profile that combines gregariously with the equally punchy liquorice, whose role evades centre stage right until the finish. And it's a long finish too, stealing the show with a thick, syrupy texture and astringent sweetness in the back of throat. I stress that the liquorice in Liberty Spirit is exceptionally strong, but the entirety of it is held at the end of each sip.

Liberty Spirit Herbal Tea - Metro Deco MD Tea

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed the mint foretaste in Liberty Spirit. Unfortunately, at the time of tasting this I was starting to discover that I really don't like my liquorice too punchy. I find the flavour and sensation at the back of the throat to be quite off putting. However, as with all teas I’m not fond of, I got a fellow tea lover to give it a go. In comparison to my inclinations, he adored this tea, gulping it down, finding it extremely refreshing and enjoying the harsh sweetness that the liquorice after taste provides. Just goes to show that taste and preference are everything!


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