Tea Review: Madame Li

About This Tea

Supplier: Sans & Sans Tea House, Spain
Ingredients: Green Tea, Mint, Jasmine and Kumquat
Brew Technique: 85°c, 3 minutes Madame Li Green tea Mint & Jasmine Sans & Sans Tea House Barcelona


The combination of the bold ingredients somehow create a bubble-gum waft as the bag of tea is opened. When steeped, jasmine becomes a forceful central scent, hiding just the slightest hint of mint.
Madame Li Green tea Mint & Jasmine Sans & Sans Tea House Barcelona


This tea has everythingggggg. Somehow the combination of ingredients creates a palate that’s floral, herby, mentholating, fruity and grassy, all at once. It shouldn’t work… And yet, somehow, it does. Kumquat, a citrus fruit similar to an orange, but the size of an olive… (I had to google it. I had no idea!) and light green tea flavours contrast with the heavy, heady perfume of jasmine. Whilst mint, rather than taking the usual leading flavour, plays a middleweight role, being stuck between the other notes. However, the finish is the metaphorical equivalent of a lover walking out as soon as they are done, leaving an incredibly bitter taste in the mouth, something your tongue will not thank you for.

Madame Li Green tea Mint & Jasmine Sans & Sans Tea House Barcelona

Final Thoughts

If you love mint and jasmine, Madame Li will be a blend that provides an enjoyable experience that, initially, doesn’t disappoint. It’s different, in an almost exotic way, drawing excitement and intrigue that causes your glands to gush and slaver. Yet somehow, it isn’t all you thought it would be. It’s not a regrettable purchase, being a blend to come back to on occasions, however the finish just kills off any whimsical sparkle you may develop for this blend, drawing the conclusion that mint and jasmine are probably better enjoyed in a more intimate one-to-one sort of way.

This is just one of the three tea blends that I picked up from a trip to Spain in July 2016, but if you want to try Madame Li out, you get a bag from Sans & Sans.


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