May Tea Reads & News

Tea Doin’ Good

Lemon-Aid and ChariTEA – Have raised 1 million towards sustainable and social responsibility projects from communities where tea and fruit are sourced for their products. Such a great achievement.

Tea farmers

Tea Use

Best Tea for Allergies – A doctor explains what tea you should be drinking to help manage your allergies along with how and why it could help.

In the UK

Thames Monkey – In case you missed it, PG tips sent a giant monkey, made out of synthetic tea leaves, floating down the Thames in London in a bid to raise awareness for their green tea range for which it has invested £3 million. I can’t tell if I’m disappointed that the leaves weren’t real or happy that real leaves weren’t wasted…
Wetherspoon’s .99p Tea – In a bid to compete in the market JD Wetherspoon have introduced a cheap take away tea. Whatever floats your boat.
Disloyalty for Indie Cafes – Independent cafes in Cardiff are uniting to encourage tea drinkers to visit their cafes with a disloyalty card. The idea behind the card is that it can be used in any participating café to gain a loyalty stamp, earning a free drink in any store when the card is full. Such a superb idea!
Tea Growing – Apparently tea plants thrive in the UK and many gardeners are turning theirs green fingers to cultivating tea for use in salads and stir frys! Intriguing!
On a related not
Britain’s Tea Plantation is expecting a significantly large yield this year due to the mild winter of 2015.

Tea Leaves PG tips monkey Thames River London

Rest of the World

We don’t drink as much tea as we think we do – A wonderfully humorous article that ranks countries in order of much tea they drink… Surprisingly we rank 15th… as the article states… “come on guys, we can do better”.

Just for funsies

31 signs that your addicted to tea – Because who can’t relate to these? Number 6… Every hour is #teahour!


Tea Wine – Ever wanted to make a tea based wine? No me neither but if you do…


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