Tea Review: Mimosa

About This Tea

Supplier: Lupicia
Ingredients: Black Tea, Mimosa and Citrus Flavouring.
Brewing Technique: 100°c, 2-3 Minutes Mimosa Flower Lupicia Tea Company


I actually found the smell of Mimosa to be quite unpleasant and off putting. I want to try and describe the smell, but it’s quite unique. Think bitter floral; not smooth or flowery like usual floral scents, but an acrid sort of floral scent. When the cup has cooled, and I mean really cooled, like cold cooled, it’s smells much pleasanter, taking on an orange, citric smell.
Mimosa Black Tea - Lupicia Tea Company


Not being one to let something like a little aroma put me off, I delved into tasting Mimosa. This tea takes on a light citrus flavor with a floral backdrop, almost like a dandylion flavour. It’s quite a unique taste. I wouldn’t say it was nice, nor is it terrible, I’ve definitely had worse.

Mimosa Black Tea - Lupicia Tea Company

Final Thoughts

You’ll be able to tell, this wasn’t a great tea for me. I found the lack of stimulating or exciting flavours to be a total disappointment, despite the teas uniqueness. However, if you do want to Mimosa for yourself it's available as both teabags and loose leaf from Lupicia. If you tried Mimosa let me know your thoughts, I’d love to know how to got on!

Mimosa Black Tea - Lupicia Tea Company



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