Tea Review: Monks Blend

About This Tea

Ingrediants: White Tea, Milk Oolong, Jasmine Green Pearls, Natural Milk Flavouring.
Brew Technique: 4-5 Minutes
Supplier: Davids Tea

According to The Tea Book, Monk’s blend traditionally consists of a high grown Ceylon with calendula petals and sometimes vanilla and is enjoyed by Franciscan monks to aid meditation. However, this blend by David’s Tea is inspired by the traditional blend.

Monks Blend Ingredients


Aromatically sweet and creamy with a strong hint of vanilla. The smell alone is wholeheartedly scrumptious, I fell in love as soon as the tin opened.


First things first, if you want to enjoy this blend and not waste the leaves, I would strongly propose that the recommended steeping time of 4-5 minutes is wayyy to long. I tried drinking Monk’s Blend this way a few times and every time I was continuously disappointed, as the cup just stresses strong bitter notes. Bleah. Whilst Oolong may be able to withstand this much steepage, white and green tea often doesn’t. When steeped for 2-3 the bitter notes improve and become weaker, however I found the optimal brewing time, to generate a sweet creamy cup with minimal bitter notes, to be 2 minutes maximum and at a low temperature. This produces a sweet, vanillary taste with a slight floral note and powdery mouth feel, produced by the jasmine. There is also a slight fruit note, that borders on citric, which becomes apparent in a the finish. I felt that the taste of Monk’s blend was sweet and creamy, yet slightly disappointing in comparison to the rich aroma.

Monks Blend Oolong Tea Davids Tea

Final Thoughts

This is a great blend, that I absolutely adore, but I felt like it was so easy to get wrong. The aroma is absolutely amazing and will completely appeal to those who prefer sweet over savoury and anything creamy. However, it smells so good that its all too easy to build up the flavour profile in your mind. Don’t. The taste is similar, but just not as strong, so retain this in mind and you shouldn’t be disappointed. Also, I can’t stress this enough, be so careful with your brewing times and temperatures. It makes such a big difference brewing this at around 70-80 for a shorter time than recommended.



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