Tea Review: Morning After - Hang Over Cure

About This Tea

Supplier: AlphaHE - A brand that develops tea with lifestyle requirements in mind; aid sleep, provide energy and help recovery from a hangover. Although the blends are curated and marketed towards the stereotypical male (the guy that is out late drinking, going to the gym etc.) they aren’t exclusively for men (obviously) and I make a point of leaving aside the obvious comments you could make about gender stereotyping and sexism. Although I would love to spark up that debate, let’s just focus on the tea. The question I’m asking is how do these blends hold up to the taste test? In this review I take a look at Morning After, the proposed tea for recovering from a hangover.
Ingredients: Indian Assam Black Tea, Ginger, Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Burdock, Liquorice.
Brewing Technique: 100°C, 3 Minutes

Morning After Assam Black Tea - AlphaHE


After reading the ingredient list I was expecting something a little more aromatic, but the aroma surrounding Morning After is actually fairly plain, if not slightly herby.


The characteristics of Morning After have a very chai feel, the tea is incredibly strong and bitter and the herbs provide a light spiced flavour. The actual tea remains the predominate note through out the cup, with the other flavours taking a bit of a back seat. However, the ginger and licorice are easily detectable.


Although AlphaHE states that Morning After should be drunk without milk, the tea is very strong, therefore I was naughty and ignored these instructions, adding milk anyway. I also added a little honey (but you could add sugar), just to sweeten the flavour and mask any residual bitterness, as you would with a classic chai tea.


The ingredients within Morning After contain antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties, as well as milk thistle and dandelion have liver protecting qualities and ginger being able to alleviate sickness and nausea. All great for a morning after recovery and preventative damage from alcohol. Plus points for putting together a tea that may actual help with the dreaded hang over!

Morning After Assam Black Tea - AlphaHE

What the boys said

As AlphaHE is targeted specifically at men, and I am thoroughly female, I thought it would be insightful to see what the other sex thought of Morning After. I live with my partner, Tom, who is a prolific coffee drinker but has been known on the very rare occasion, I repeat very rare, to drink a chai or lapsang souchong, and flat mate, Tris, who sits on the fence, dabbling between both coffee and tea, drinking fresh coffee, loose leaf tea, tea bags, and tisanes. Here’s how it went...

The Initial Taste
Tom – Couldn't detect any of the flavour notes.
Tris - "It’s just a mild black tea flavour”.

When asked if they would drink this as a hangover cure:
Tris - “Well…” Laughs “I’m already hungover."
Tom - “If someone gave it me and said here drink this, then I’d be like... alright, but I wouldn’t choose to drink it.”

When asked if they would add milk to this:
Tom – “No.”
Tris – “No, this doesn’t seem like a tea I would add milk to.”

Looks like the boys weren't that keen and although they initially said they didn't think they would drink this with milk, Tris did later try it and enjoyed the blend much more!

Final Thoughts

I would actually suggest that this cup works better with both milk and sugar, than it does as a black tea. As a result, like most chai‘s, I found the flavour to be quite comforting. However this isn’t something I would personally be inclined to drink when hungover, opting for a tea that’s a bit more refreshing, a fruity green is more my style. Despite this, when drank as a normal day to day tea Morning After did serve to keep me quite perky, giving an extra energy boost through the day and various meetings at work. I could easily see this getting someone through a long Friday after cocktails or beers on a thirsty Thursday.

Do you need Morning After to perk you up? Get a bag from AlphaHe.


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