Tea Review: Barcelona In A Teacup

Introducing Barcelona No.553

About This Tea

Supplier: Sans & Sans House of Tea, Spain
Ingredients: White Tea, Orange, Quince and Mint
Brew Technique: 85°c, 6 minutes

Sans and Sans Barcelona no.553 white tea with mint


A strange concoction that is a predominantly foreign floral, followed by delicate hints of pine and mint. Despite its uncommon scent, No.553 seems to hold something vaguely familiar, yet implacable.

Sans and Sans Barcelona no.553 white tea with mint


If your impression of Barcelona is a city full of zing, and thus expect the tea to match the lifestyle, then your first taste of No.553 may hold disappointment. However, if you’ve ever visited Barcelona in summer you will know that whilst the city buzzes with enthusiasm, people spend most the day lounging under umbrellas at bars, sat in quiet contemplation out of the sun. Despite being busy it’s also serene and has a calming disposition, aided by light, warm, sweet scented breezes. No.553 recreates this tranquillity almost perfectly, with warm, hazy notes of muted fruits, floral hays, chamomile and a mild cooling pine and mint finish.

Sans and Sans Barcelona no.553 white tea with mint

Final Thoughts

Quince, a hard fruit that some say is similar to pear, is used in Spain to make a traditional thick sweet jelly called dulce de membrillo. Whilst the addition of quince in Barcelona No.553 gave it an exotic Spanish twist, it wasn’t something I actually came across whilst visiting Barcelona, making me feel like I was missing something from Spanish culture. Despite this, it's easy to see this is an inventive blend, that captures the same relaxing essence of the city in tea form, making it perfect for those who want something light and relaxing.

This is just one of the three tea blends purchased during a trip to Spain and you can read more about them in the Tea Travel - July 2016 post. If you’d like to try No.553 for yourself, you can grab a pack from Sans & Sans.

Have you visited Barcelona? Tell me what your Barcelona would taste like!


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