November Tea Reads & News

Light Bulb Moment for Bubble Tea - A new trend is taking bubble tea a little further...

Chai Walli - Last month we had the Pakistani Chai Walla sensation turn model, this month we have Indian Chai Walli winning Business Women of the Year! Congratulations.

In The UK

Football Frenzy - The cheapest and most expensive teas at various UK football clubs. Something a bit different!
What A Legend - Berkshire man bungee dunks a biscuits into a cup of tea!
Yorkshire Tea… - Isn’t actually from Yorkshire… Shocker…
Dunker's Changing Their Style - An analyst suggests we are turning our backs on traditional dunking biscuits and turning to the less traditional.
Plaques to Mark Tea - The first of four plaques marking the UK tea industry has been installed at St. Katherine Docks in London.

Tea Uses

Teabag Life Hack - 9 ways to utilise your old teabags.

Tea Teachings

Tea Estymology - Find out where did the words of tea come from. Psychology and Tea – Studies have found that the warming effects of tea make us better people, as view other in a more positive light.

Teaware & Products

Twinings Premium – Twinings haved started to grasp where the tea industry is heading and have introduced a premium range of pyramid teabags, containing better quality loose leaf.
Tea Organiser Named a Must Have this Christmas – All positive reviews from tea obsessives!
The Best Kind of Prosecco – Tea just got classy. Just £1.89 from Aldi!


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