October Tea News & Reads

Tea News and Tea Reads


Green Lady - Sparkling Tea - "Darjeeling is the champagne of teas", the UK's first ever sparkling tea!
Rainbow Sunset Tea - Have you seen the latest sensation?

In the UK

The Tea Break – British billionaire, living a life of luxury, tries to eradicate morning tea breaks with uproar from employers.
#disloyalty – In an attempt to compete with chain cafes an indie shop in Greater Manchester has come up with a disloyalty scheme, encouraging consumers to try out their beverages.
Cornwall Tea Farm Supplies…The World? -Tregothnan Estate based in Cornwall has seen a spike of sales from across the world, including orders from China and America. They attribute the spike to an increasing interest in “Britishness” bought on by Brexit.

Around The World

Wolrd Tea & Coffee Expo in Mumbai – Fourth Annual "World Tea & Coffee Expo" held in Mumbai between October 20-22 2016, hosting roughtly 70 exhibitors from 7 different countries!
Don’t Forget The Workers – A grueling insight to the working conditions in Assam.
"Chai is hot but this chaiwala is hotter" - One hot Chaiwala send twitter into a frenzy with his seriously hot looks.


From the Tea Bowl - An artsy exhibition running from October 7 to November 5 2016 at the Alison Jacques Gallery in London. Take a peep a some of the beautiful pottery!
Creativi-Tea – 10 artists create over 30 pieces of art inspired by tea.
Cake Pairings – Does anyone ever need an excuse to eat cake? Take a look at these cake recipes and their basic tea pairings.
High Tea with a Beautiful Twist - Just look at the pictures!

Tea Doin’ Good

70 Years of Tea & Blood – Since 1946, when blood giving donations were launched, a cheeky tea has always been served afterwards. What a way to celebrate an act of goodness.

Tea Teachings

All The Herbs - a plucky article that could help you realise which herbal teas are most beneficial for you.
All About Liptons - How the brand built and empire.


Tea and Wine Love Affair - Some inspirational recipes and advice on infusing wine and tea, so that you can enjoy both!

Ideas To Try

One for the Kids - One Dad is getting creative with his kids, helping them create their own tea blends!
Matcha for Mate? - Will you make a swap?

For Funsies

Tea Obsessed - 10 signs that you are ACTUALLY obsessed with tea.



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