Tea Review: Orchid Oolong

About This Tea

Ingredients: Oolong Tea, Natural Flavors, Petals (not disclosed)
Origin: Taiwan
Supplier: Mighty Leaf UK


A simplistic and humble floral and coconut nose.

Orchid Oolong Mighty Leaf


No brewing technique was stated on the packet, fortunately I know rough time periods for brewing Oolong, however not so helpful for tea beginners... Here's a hint sheet:

Different Tea Steep Times and Temperatures

I first steeped Orchid Oolong for 2 minutes, creating a light and delicate brew, enabling the full burst of coconut throughout the depth of the flavour. It's pretty glorious and a must if you like coconut. At this point I must mention that oolong's are known for their ability to go through multiple infusions and develop in flavour. Regretfully, this felt like a one time thing. The second cup, left for 4 minutes, developed a coppery, metallic taste, with only a mild coconut undertone. The third steeping, which was left for about 10 minutes lost most traces of coconut, replaced by a gentle citric palate. The fourth round produces light palate, that is hardly worth mentioning. :(


Sweet: In the early brews of Orchid Oolong, sweet has the tendency to remove from the natural, subtle flavours. However, a small blob of honey in the later brews helps to tone down the rich metallic flavours, (that appear from where exactly?), recreating the softer tea from earlier brews.
Milk: For me, this is where Orchid Oolong really came into its own individuality. It’s not usual to add milk to Oolongs and can be frowned upon by tea connoisseurs. But what the heck, I threw caution to the wind and had a crack at doing it anyway... Rebel. Sometimes these little experiments pay off. I was so delighted to find that the combination of the gentle flavours in early brews and milk created a beautifully creamy, sweet note. Think Bounty but without the chocolate coating! YUM.

Final Thoughts

As a blend being drunk by a coconut lover this was incredible and something I would defiantly recommend it you just want to drink something sweet and different. As a blend for someone wanting to explore the natural, complex flavours of oolongs this isn't so great.

If you want to try Orchid Oolong you can get it here.


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