Tea Review: Persian Delight - Grandma in a Cup

About This Tea

Ingredients: Black Tea, Pistachio, Ginger Root, Cloves, Rose Petals, Safflower and Pistachio Flavouring
Origin: Sri Lanka
Supplier: Mighty Leaf UK

Persian Delight Tea Mighty Leaf


Heavily scented, being both, soft and sweet with a powdered rose perfume, creating a comforting blanket to indulge in.


Persian Delight has a deceptive, enigmatic side. The ingredients of ginger and clove suggest that the flavour may be spiced, having a floral chai type vibe. However, these distinctive characters are barely present in the taste. Instead the flavour is heavily dominated by a heady, powdery perfume and a minor nutty note, giving the tea a very soft feeling. The Sri Lankan black tea is not lost in the complex mix of sweet flavours, unveiling a strong, dry taste, despite the softness that surrounds it. Drinking this tea is like being enveloped in the presence of your Grandma, hinting at a bold and adventurous past, but only presenting an orderly, graceful nature at present. It’s weirdly comforting and stringent at the same time.


Sweet: A drop of honey in Persian Delight (not even half a tea spoon), creates a dizzyingly sweet note and intensifies the floral, reducing the dry notes of the tea. Definitely the best way to drink this if you have a sweet tooth.
Milk: In comparison, adding milk draws out the brisk, dry flavours that accompany the Sri Lankan tea, enabling the rose finish to develop a little more intensely, reverberating the comforting feeling found in the cup.

Final Thoughts

Who would have thought it possible to find Granny in a cup? Persian Delight is a resilient, yet delicate tea, offering a juxtaposition of sweet and dry notes making it an easy choice to turn to when a spot of comfort and strength is required.

If you like the sound of Persian Delight and want to give it a try Click Here.


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