Tea Review: Phrooti Not Fruit Tea

About This Tea

Introducing Phrooti, a brand that offers powdered fruit to give you a real fruity experience! Naturally caffeine free with no added sugar and it also claims to be low in calories!
Ingredients: Dried Raspberries (49%), Dried Strawberries (46%) and Natural Flavouring (5%).
Brewing Technique: 95°C, Leave in mug. Phrooti real fruit tea powder Raspberry and Strawberry


An extremely fruity aroma, that is mostly raspberry with a hint of strawberry. Expect your mouth to water!
hrooti real fruit tea powder Raspberry and Strawberry


Phrooti is incredibly tart, with mouth-watering sours that can be pin pointed to the inclusion of the fruits, particularly raspberry, which is known to be a little sharp. Unfortunately, the strawberry gets a little lost beneath the overpowering raspberry notes. No matter, this is still an incredibly fruity tea that is naturally sweet and full of flavour!

hrooti real fruit tea powder Raspberry and Strawberry


Phrooti, tastes just as good after being brewed and iced, creating a refreshing fruity drink. The powdered mixture is a little bitty so just run the brewed tea through a coffee filter to get a nice smooth consistency.

Phrooti, even offer the helpful hint of adding it to your porridge or using it in baking!

hrooti real fruit tea powder Raspberry and Strawberry

Final Thoughts

What I love about Phrooti is the sheer diversity of the products! Whilst I personally didn’t love this as a hot fruit drink, I did really enjoy it cold and I also loved the flexibility in its use. I take plain porridge with a banana and no added sweeteners like sugar or honey. As you may imagine, this can get a bit boring, but Phrooti provided an additional fruity note and a ton of sweetness that I don’t normally have! I’m a major sweet tooth, so I was super happy with it. Amazingly, Phrooti doesn’t just come in one flavour, there’s also "Sour Cherries & Cranberries" and "Blackcurrants, Blackberries & Blueberries". YUM!


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