Tea Review: Piacha Earl Grey Vanilla

About This Tea

Ingredients: Sri Lankan Ceylon Orange Pekoe Black Tea, Vanilla Pieces and Flavouring
Brewing Technique: 100°C for 3 Minutes
Supplier: Piacha

Vanilla Earl Grey is one of the first blends that got me into tasting and loving tea. It sold me into the tea game and I’ve never looked back, so it’s safe to say that this combination is one of my all-time favourites. Has been for a long time and as far I can see, always will be. So let's find out how Piacha did with this beloved blend...


Taken black this blend creates quite a strong cuppa. The vanilla is a little drowned out by the bergamot, but there's a lingering sweetness in the finish, which rounds the cup off nicely. Taken with milk, this blend creates a classic earl grey flavour, adding just a hint of delicate vanilla among the strong bergamot notes. Personally, I'm not a lover of strong black and much prefer a smooth, gentle tea with strong vanilla flavours. It's a bit of a shame, but as far as Earl Grey's go it's still a nice blend.

Piacha Earl Grey Vanilla Black Tea

Final Thoughts

This is a good earl grey, with a strong bergamot flavour and without any synthetic profiles. The vanilla is subtle, and despite my preference for a stronger vanilla note, I really enjoyed this, particularly in the afternoons at work. It's perfect for providing that awakening boost after lunch and sweet enough to suppress chocolate cravings. A definite job well done here.



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