Tea Review: Pu Erh 3 Year Vintage

About This Tea

Ingredients: Aged Pu Erh
Origin: Yunnan Province, China
Brewing Technique: 100°C, 3-7 Minutes
Supplier: Kent and Sussex Tea & Coffee Company


The smells surrounding this tea are heavy with earth. When brewed, this becomes reminiscent of a wet, warm day, emitting a humid exotic scent. Close your eyes, breathe deep and it becomes easy to image yourself away in an Australian rain forest.

Aged Puerh Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co


This is one of those great teas that holds flavour through multiple steeps, the second and third brews releasing the deepest flavours. Shamefully, I regret to say that I struggled through the first few sips! My excuse being that I just haven’t drunk many Puerh tea’s. Hangs head in shame. I was totally unprepared, thus thrown off by the extraordinarily, deep, earthed taste. After accustoming to the cavernous flavours, which contain hints of moss, wood, forest floor and bark, I found the more I drank, the more I appreciated the quality of the heavy bodied, earthy tone. I stuck with it, as should you if you get the chance (the supplier is currently sold out as I write this), because this tea really grows on you in a special way, having a calming and relaxing demeanour that, as cliché as it sounds, allows you to feel at one with your surroundings.


Milk: The 3 year vintage was never bitter at any point (I often add milk to dark teas that are inclined to bitter/citric notes), so I didn’t often drink this with milk. However, it’s understandable that the strong flavour may not be to everyone’s palate. For that reason it may be forgivable for you to add a little milk. The tea will still retain its beautifully deep, rich flavour, but carries a creamy edge that makes this a very filing brew and a brilliant replacement for snacks. I literally felt stuffed after a few consecutive cups!
Sweet: I’m a sweet tooth. There’s no denying that. And I can completely relate to those who have a similar disposition, thus add sweets to tea. But, I beg you… Literally, BEG YOU, don’t add any sweetener to this blend. It’s not that it tastes fowl or anything, but it’s just too nice to ruin in this way. If you don’t like it, for the love of tea give it to someone who will.

Final Thoughts

This truly is a beautiful tea that you must, must, MUST try if and when it becomes available.
If you’re interested in this 3 Year Vintage Puerh click here.


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