Teaware Review - Magisso Tea Cup

Summary: Innovative, useful and necessary.

I saw this cup online and instantly fell in love with the ingenious, original design.


The basic idea behind this innovation is that the cup tilts towards the strainer, filled to brew and then tilted away when steeped, thus removing the water from the leaves so as to not over brew. Genius!

Magisso Tea Cup Photo

The price, as an incentive is modest although I would have paid more, just because I wanted it THAT bad. A quick Google and you can see it's available from some excellent tea stockists. I made my purchase with Bluebird Tea Co.. Check them out, they make really scrummy blends!

Aesthetically this product does well to combine and balance the traditional Japanese tea bowl style with a modular, modern design, that comes in a variety of colours. There's even some pastels.

Magisso Tilting Tea Cup

By far the best thing about this product is the simplicity of the function, meaning that brewing a single cup of loose leaf has become a mess free affair. No longer do you need to carry some other piece of kitchen ware around the house (I usually have a saucer on hand) to catch the drips of brewed tea from your used strainer. For this reason alone, this product has become a god send! Hoozah! The strainer section is also removable (something that took me about 4 or 5 washes to realise!) and after a quick rinse under the tap all tea remains are vanquished, unlike infuser baskets which can take ample rinses to be rid of those dastardly leaves. All this... AND it's dishwasher safe!

Tilting Teacup

Whilst at first, using this contraption is mind blowingly exciting, after very few uses I started to see its potential downsides. Please note that these are mostly petty and I am somewhat nit picking to give a neutral review.

I don't know if this is just me but sometimes... just sometimes, all I want is a small cup of green or herbal before bed. This cup is fairly deep and wide, and the strainer is just that little bit too high to allow for a smaller cup of tea. This means that weaker teas and blends can easily end up over diluted or bitter from over steeping. Comparatively, in the mornings I love a big cup of strong black tea, for which this cup is perfect, especially for those, like me, who just aren’t morning people...

Finally, I tried this cup at work for which I got a lot of questions (not a bad thing) about how it works etc, however I also got some funny looks as I sipped from my “bowl”. The office is pretty traditional so anything out of the ordinary is partially frowned upon.

Round Up

Overall, I love this cup and will use it often, for a long time to come. However, this isn’t an all-rounder. It definitely has it’s time and place. I feel the product line could be expanded to reach it's full potential, by being available in a smaller (perhaps even bigger) size. Again though, I am knit picking. BUY IT. Alternatively,this would be an awesome and essential gift for any tea lover.

Best For: The Office, Mornings and Black Tea.



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