Tea Review: Milk Oolong

About This Tea

Ingredients: Loose Leaf, Oolong Tea
Origin: China
Brew Time 85°C, 2-3 Minutes
Supplier: The Gilded Teapot

Milk Oolong The Gilded Teapot


Prior to trying Milk Oolong, I had been incredibly curious about giving it a go for a while. Surely not.. A tea that is naturally milky in taste? Hmm… Contemplation followed by the conclusion, in defiance, that this just cannot be… OH HOW WRONG. Gosh, opening this tea is like falling into a milk carton, head first. The creamy, milk aroma hits you hard, willing you back to childhood. Once brewed the creamy smells are sickly sweet, with a curious, light floral backing.


By the time I came to taste Milk Oolong I was swallowing my words, along with the tea. There’s a heavy cream flavour, so creamy in fact that it’s hard to believe there isn’t milk in the cup! Another element to this is that the liquid almost feels thick in the mouth. I felt like the cat who got the cream.


Milk: You could add milk, but it doesn’t add to or change the flavour, so there seems to be very little point. Sorry.
Sweet: If you insist on adding sweetener to this, and I’ll be honest, you really don’t need it, then add a little (a teeny, tiny little bit) of sugar, just to give it that sweeter kick you require. Honey seems to overpower the natural creaminess, so best to stick to sugar on this one.

Final Thoughts

I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised by this one. The creaminess is unlike anything I have tasted and I know I keep going on a bit, but it’s probably the creamiest tea I’ve ever tasted.

If you’re interested in trying this out click here..


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