Tea Review: Rose Amour

About This Tea

Ingredients: Black Tea and Rose Petals
Brewing Technique: 100°C, 2-3 Minutes
Supplier: Bruu


A turkish delight type smell, sweet and floral.

Rose Amour Black Tea Bruu Tea Club Image from Bruu


There’s a heavily powdered tone about the tea within Rose Amour, expressing dry, yet plentiful flavours. However, the origin of the tea is unidentifiable (a Ceylon perhaps?) Furthermore, where the tea is rich, the rose is limited. I’ll elaborate. I really struggled to write this review for a while, trying to describe Rose Amour without being negative, because this is a lovely tea, but there was something I couldn’t place…

There is a distinct rose flavour.
It's unmistakably rose.
It’s floral...
Gentle yet…

Click. Just like that I got it figured out. It’s minimalist. It's a light, tender and gentle palate. Now, this isn’t a bad thing. Here’s why. I received this as part of the Bruu Subsciption, a service set up to allow tea lovers to explore new blends. Consequently, if the reason you subscribe is to experience new teas, then this is the perfect tea to start you off, particularly if you’ve never previously dabbled in rose. It will introduce you to floral notes without being so overbearing that it puts you off forever. A tea that's a different flavor, yet accessible. Perfect. However, if you were thinking of trying this because you’re in love with all things rose and are searching for the ULTIMATE rose blend, these aren't the dregs you're looking for.

All this being said, I genuinely do like Rose Amour and it’s great if you’re not too bothered by the rose element, but just want enjoy a floral backing note.


I felt Rose Amour was best on its own, however it is compatible with both milk and sweeteners. The sweet brings out the rose a little more, but does make it overbearingly sweet. Take note sweet tooth's, this one's for you.

Final Thoughts

A mild floral note lets you enjoy a lovely black tea with gentle hints of rose. An accessible tea, perfect for those exploring rose or just want to enjoy a nice gentle cuppa.

If you’ve tried Rose Amour, share your thoughts below or if you’re interested in trying it out click here.


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