Tea Review: Rosey Rhubarb Green

About This Tea

Ingredients: Green tea, rhubarb pieces & rose petals
Brewing Technique: 85°C, 30 seconds
Supplier: Bruu

Rosey Rhubarb Green Tea - Bruu Tea Club


A fruity, sticky sweet kind of smell. Think; fruit salad sweets, rhubarb and custard and mouth-wateringly sour, fruity notes.


I’ve had Rosey Rhubarb a few times now and it’s safe to say this is one of my favourite blends from Bruu. The green tea, adds a minor grassy under note, but nothing too detectable because the predominant flavour in this, you may not be surprised to read, is rhubarb; a slightly unusual ingredient and something I’ve not encountered previously (please feel free to comment below if you’ve seen a rhubarb blend elsewhere). However, it works so, so well, to implement a fruity, sour flavour with a slightly creamy finish.

Unlike, some green teas, when brewed for a little longer than the suggested time, the flavour is retained, rather than spoiled. To avoid spoiling with bitter notes, just don’t steep for longer than 2 minutes. Unfortunately, when the leaves are twice steeped the rhubarb flavour minimises drastically. However, this allows for the natural green tea flavours to become known and, for the first time, a minor rose hint can be identified.


Sweet: If you prefer to tone down the sour notes, add a little something to sweeten the flavours. However, do note that due to the rhubarb, this is already a sweet brew. When adding honey I found the tea to be a little too sweet, so would opt for no additional sweeteners.

Final Thoughts

An excellent blend that should be tried by all who like fruity teas that taste like age old sweets!

This tea was recieved as part of the Bruu Tea Club Subscription Service. Check it out. If you’re interested in trying Rosey Rhubarb click here.


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