Tea Review: Rukeri Rwandan Black

About This Tea

Ingredients "Nothing but Organic Rwandan black orange pekoe"
Origin: East Africa
Brewing Technique: 100°C, 2-3 minutes
Supplier: Bruu

Rukeri Rwandan Black Loose Leaf Tea - Bruu Tea Club Image from Bruu


A pleasant deep, rich smell that hints at traditional flavour.


The first thing to note, the suggested brewing time creates a heavy bitter citric note (kind of like orange peel). When brewed for a shorter time, approximately 1 minute, the bitterness reduced to a palatable level, letting the orange-like flavours extend without being overpowering, perfect for those sleepy afternoons at work when you need a pick-me-up. Alternatively, if you like something punchy in the morning, this is your tea.


Sweet: An organic wildflower hard set honey drastically developed the flavour of the tea, toning down the bitter flavours (still present, but suppressed) and bringing out a much lighter, malty spice. However, Sugar removed from the natural citric notes, increasing them in a synthetic style.
Milk: Steeping for the suggested time and adding milk or soya, as I tend to use, creates a strong, rich tea. Again the pleasant citric flavours shine through, but without being overpowered by bitterness. If drinking this in the morning I would recommend adding a dash of milk.

Spoil yourself and drink this with milk and honey to create an unrecognisable flavour that's light and flirty with mild spicy undertones, giving it an elegant floral twist.

Final Thoughts

A unique flavour that is easily adaptable to any palate. Just be careful not to over brew!

This tea was recieved as part of the Bruu Tea Club Subscription Service. Check it out. If you've tried this tea let me know your thoughts. Alternatively, if your interested in trying it out click here.


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