Tea Review: Russian Caravan

About This Tea

Ingredients: Assam Black Tea, Lapsang Souchang Black Tea
Brewing Technique: 100°C
Supplier: Mighty Leaf UK


A gorgeous, scorched and smokey affair.

Russian Caravan Mighty Leaf UK


Gosh where to start on this one! This has unexpectedly become one of my all time favourite blends due to its completely otherworldly characteristics, having the ability to send you travelling through space and time. Brew for a couple of minutes to create a medium bodied tea, with smokey yet smooth, bordering on sweet flavour. The tastes and aromas of Russian Caravan are so suggestive that by merely closing one’s eyes the experience develops into anything your mind can imagine you away to anywhere, seeping with adventure and inviting you to create your own world. One minute you could be a sailor in the dusky Shanghai docks or in Victorian London, as a little urchin next to a crackling coal fire. The possibilities in this cup are endless stories for you to discover, making it a perfect companion brew for a good book.


Milk: Milk adds a malty element to this exotic blend, changing the stories concocted by the imagination, from something less grimy and raw, to a more organic and naturalistic setting, taking the mind to the likes of little base camps in the Nepalese or Peruvian mountains.
Sweet: Imagining yourself as an ancient Egyptian priestess or English Monarch becomes easy with a sweet. Sugar sweetens the cup without adding or taking any flavour, leaving you to your journey towards adventure. Whereas, honey adds a hint of elegance, and tones down the smokiness, enabling your mind to take you to more luxurious landscapes.

Final Thoughts

This is most definitely a tea for the bold and adventurous, for those looking for a story to overflow from mind to cup and cup to mind. The perfect book companion.

Russian Caravan is a popular blend, but you can get this particular one from here.


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