Tea Review: Sencha Kombucha

About This Tea

Ingredients: Sencha Green Tea, Mirabelle, Cane Sugar and Kombucha Fungi.
Brewing Technique: 80°C, 2-3 Minutes
Supplier: The Gilded Teapot

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea, produced using a bacterial yeast culture. The end result is a naturally fizzy, wholesome drink, which many believe to be really healthy. The Gilded Teapot has created a green tea blend with the same culture that produces traditional kombucha. How kooky and creative!

Sencha Kombucha | The Gilded Teapot | Green Tea


A tangy, fruity sweetness, that’s familiar, but somehow implacable, is followed by sour notes that invite the mouth to water!

Sencha Kombucha | The Gilded Teapot | Green Tea


Sencha Kombucha is sweet, not overpoweringly so, but noticeably more than a usual sencha blend, which makes sense as it contains cane sugar. It's also really fruity, the exact fruits aren't distinguishable, but hints of a berry and lemon are detectable. The tea isn't fizzy, but weirdly, there's definitely something slightly effervescent about it.

Getting Creative

I had a cheeky play with this green tea and ended up making a mocktail AND ice-pops!

Sencha Kombucha | The Gilded Teapot | Green Tea Mocktal icepop recipe raspberry and mint

Final Thoughts

This was so hard to figure out! It's tasty, but it's also so unusual and unique that it's hard to describe or liken to anything else, similar to how the overwhelming fizziness of real kombucha, depletes the flavours behind it. I enjoyed it and would urge others to try it too!

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