Tea Review: Sencha Vanilla

About This Tea

Ingredients: Sencha & Vanilla Flavouring*.
Brewing Technique: 80°C, 2-3 Minutes.
Supplier: The Gilded Teapot

Full disclosure here, I love The Gilded Teapot! It's one of the first tea shops I ever visited and the quaint store, in a Victorian-esque arcade, is half the reason I fell in love with tea. Check them out, I hope you love them too!

Japanese Green Tea Sencha Vanilla - The Gilded Teapot


Sweet, the vanilla is brilliantly strong, like plunging your face into a cheese cake, in a good way. (Realistically, is there ever really a bad way when it comes to cheese cake... urm no...).


How b.e.a.utiful! This is a delightfully light bodied and gentle, yet flavoursome blend*. Be warned, it’s a little addictive, particularly for those with a sweet tooth. The initial hit of vanilla, which is so, so, so satisfying, is followed by a mild grassy undertone and a fudge like finish. It's a must have for those who are searching for a sweet brew to satisfy any cravings. As you can tell, I'm a sweet over savory kinda person, so obviously I loved it.

*I've described this tea as a blend, as well as listing flavouring in the ingredients at the top. The Gilded Teapot have listed this as a scented tea, but without an ingredients list, I'm choosing to err on the side of caution. Japanese Green Tea Sencha Vanilla - The Gilded Teapot

Getting Creative

Ok so, I love a good cold brew as much as the next gal. However, I wasn't loving this cold in quite the same way as when I originally brewed it. I found too much comfort steeped in that 80° water. Soz. What I did love though... shoving that cold brew in a blender, with strawberries, a bit of peach and some yogurt, to create a smoothie. Yep. You totally have to try it. Want some more tea recipes? <-- Just Click Here.

Final Thoughts

Sencha's grassy notes are often considered the pinnacle of summer green tea vibes. Yet, the vanilla served well to tone down the typical imposing flavours of classic sencha, turning this tea into a cosy brew, that could easily become a friend in winter. I mean, can you just imagine all the Christmassy bakes you could use this in! As a sweet tooth, I, and my kin, will obviously really enjoy this sweet brew, but whatever time of year it is, it's great as an ease-you-in-gently sort of sencha. Think of it like sencha's baby sister. It may also be ideal for those who want to drink a little healthier, but don't nessisarily like green tea. If you do love sencha though, and want to know more about it, you can check out my Sencha Tea Teachings post.



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