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Tea Doin’ Good

Beating Racism - Or trying build a bridge over it at least. Australians have a bit of a rep for being racist and in a stereotypical fashion, two elderly ladies were over heard by a native of aboriginal decent being somewhat distasteful. Instead of getting angry and resentful the lovely gent sent the ladies a cup of tea!
Time for Tea – Julia’s House, a UK based charity that focuses on children’s hospices, uses tea as the focus of their campaign to build awareness and funds by using #timefortea and #showusyourmug on social media.

In The UK

Tea Costs Set to Rise – The GBP remains weak against much of the worlds currency, meaning the cost of importing raw goods has increased. Tea is no exception, with the cost of high street tea brands is set to rise in the near future.
Tea Revolution – Falmouth enjoys increased popularity of its very own tea festival for the fifth year running. The event was hosted at pavilions previously owned by Frederick Horniman, a Victorian tea trader and included afternoon tea and tea tastings.
Leafy Tea Company - Teenager wins awards with her tea business. Go her! #girlboss
History of Tea in the UK - Celebrated with a Google doodle! Google Doodle History of Tea in the UK

Tea Teachings

The Truth About Herbal Tea – A well put together article that looks at the most popular types of herbal teas in the market, including slimming and detox teas, to see if they can actual do what they claim to.
NHS Expert Reveals Best Detox Teas – Similar to the above article, this one focuses completely on detox teas from well-known high street brands in the UK. Despite the reputation of the source, it’s a fairly good read that provides a quick review of some well-known products.

Around The World

Kenyan Tea – Not something many would have heard of because it is sold as low grade and used for blended. This article takes a look at the struggles faces by the Kenyan tea industry, the fourth biggest exporter of tea.
Indian Exports - Oz – The tea board of Indian is looking double it’s exports to Australia over the next 5 years!
Indian Exports - Pakistan – In the wake of terror attacks in Indian the Indian Tea Association stated that it was ready to suspend trade with Pakistan. It’s thought that 80% of Pakistan’s tea imports come from India.
The Arnold Palmer - Named after a pro golfer who is suggested to have created the popular creation of iced tea and lemonade.


Got Some Extra Cash? A stunning, but very pricey, silver tea set. Guess how much!?


Tea in a Can - Not sure where you were hiding if you missed this one!
Energy on the Go - Tea products by BluePrint, marketed as energy drinks and sweetened with maple syrup!


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