Tea Review: Sticky Chai

About Blue Hour Tea

Created by Lucas and Sheldon, these Canadian based entrepreneurs are among some of the truest of tea lovers; stocking a selection of pure teas that are personally sourced to assure quality, as well as making their own blends. Their range includes standard much loved and on trend blends, such as Earl Grey and Spiced Pumpkin Chai, but they also stock some unique gems like Peach Sangria and Sticky Tea!

Blue Hour Tea Company - Sticky Chai Tea Spicy Honey and Agave Nectar

About This Tea

Sticky Chai was born from a love of well-balanced chai teas. Don’t we all just love a good chai? However, with the North American market being saturated with extremely sweet, clove heavy chai’s, (even in the UK we feel the clove conundrum), Blue Hour Tea decided to make their own chai in order to provide a better balance of flavours. The creation of sticky tea was very much a trial and error based adventure, but the boys seem to have perfected their recipe and created not one, but two: Agave Chai and Spicy Honey Chai. They even sound delicious!

Both blends are built on Assam, constructing a smooth black tea base that supports the fine taste of whole roasted spices. The spice mix does include cloves, however it’s just enough to notice the flavour, not too much to overpower and completely dominate. The “sticky” element of the tea is the addition of either agave or honey into the blend, adding a sweet edge and enabling the flavours to fuse seamlessly. The proportions of these sweeteners is also bang on perfect, again being enough to be detectable, not too much to overpower. The brands inclusiveness of organic agave nectar has enabled the creation of a vegan friendly blend, so all are able to consciously enjoy this fabulous creation. Whilst Agave Chai has a well-balanced classic chai taste, Spicy Honey Chai contains some additional spices; black pepper and ginger, to create fiery, peppered middles notes that carry long into the finish. Its’s warming and extremely enjoyable.

Blue Hour Tea Company - Sticky Chai Tea Honey and Agave Nectar Although Blue Hour Tea recommend preparing their sticky tea in the traditional method of boiling with milk in a pan, these teas still taste wonderful steeped in a teacup with a strainer. I found both to be smooth enough to take black, but are exceptionally yummy when served with milk. Here are some directions from Blue Hour Tea on how best to enjoy their sticky tea:

  1. In a small sauce pan add 1 cup of milk (or water).
  2. Add 1 generous tbsp of Sticky Tea and heat the chai and milk to a gentle simmer.
  3. Strain through a fine sieve in to your favourite mug, and enjoy!

And here's their latte recipe!

  1. In a milk steaming jug place 1 tbsp of Sticky Tea.
  2. Pour over just enough boiling water to cover the tea and let steep 1 min.
  3. Top up with cold milk to equal 1 cup. Steam tea/milk together until hot.
  4. Strain through fine sieve into a mug or take away cup and enjoy!

Blue Hour Tea Company - Sticky Chai Tea Spicy Honey and Agave Nectar

Final Thoughts

I completely and utterly loved these teas! I couldn’t find a bad thing to say about them, they taste so exquisite! If I had to pick a flavour I would probably go for Spicy Honey Chai, just because I found the fieriness to be perfectly addictive.

If you fancy trying out Spicy Honey Chai or Agave Chai you can grab a 200g pack from Blue Hour Tea for $14CAD.
Trust me, they’re worth it ;).



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