Strawberry Cream Tea Yogurt

Most days for breakfast I usually opt for yogurt with oats and fruit. I'll paint the picture... Monday morning half asleep, wondering through the supermarket trying to decide what yogurts I want for breakfast this week. I'm looking and looking and I'm about to pick my usual's; blueberry and honey. Then... some how my sleep addled brain connects with the word tea.

I can't tell you how excited I was with this find, I'm sure you can imagine though!

Yeo Valley Strawberry Cream Tea Yogurt


Organic whole milk yogurt, organic strawberry (5%), organic sugar, organic double cream, organic maize starch, natural flavourings, black tea extract, organic concentrated lemon juice.


The inital flavour is creamy and fruity, just like actual and cream, but there's a lovely, light, malty tea flavour in the finish. This is absolutely perfect with a cuppa, particularly a delicate earl grey!

Yeo Valley Strawberry Cream Tea Yogurt


Aside from eating this on it's own, with tea, with breakfast even. I also wanted to have a play with Strawberry Cream Tea and make a dessert, so I got creative and made a yogurt Eton Mess.

Yeo Valley Strawberry Cream Tea Yogurt - Eton Mess

This was sooo simple. All it takes is some of YeoValleys Strawberry Cream Tea, fresh strawberries and meringue. Enjoy :)

Don't forget this is also great in scones!

Yeo Valley Strawberry Cream Tea Yogurt - Eton Mess Yeo Valley Strawberry Cream Tea Yogurt - Eton Mess


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